The United States continues to fall further and further behind the rest of the world in basic education.  In particular, the public education system is failing miserably in the areas of math and science.  There is only a light touching on ancient history, little discussion of American history, virtually no concentration on geography, and civics now is a series of  liberal indoctrination meetings.

Though our kids are becoming less and less able to compete in a “Global Society”, they will be able to protest any sane or reasonable policy or accept and welcome the perverted and cultist people of the world.  The academic standards are again being lowered to allow apparent higher test results.  The students have to put out less effort, absorb the propaganda to which they are being exposed and still receive a passing grade.

Public schools are no longer educational settings; they have become indoctrination venues to reverse everything that the founding fathers envisioned or that the Constitution embraces.  In Texas, public school teachers and administrators will now be held accountable for “discriminatory practices”.  That may sound reasonable on the surface given that the catch-phrase includes such areas as racism and sexism.  However when one recognizes that the employees will also be censured and disciplined for expressing a hetero-sexist viewpoint, espousing mores or traditional standards, one has to wonder exactly what is being taught to our youth.   Admonitions are given to teachers who define education as a “basic skill”.  The government trained and educated professionals are no longer expected to help our children learn to think freely for themselves, they are instituted to tell our children what to think.

Continuing with the insanity, President Obama recently commended the Mayo Clinic system for providing quality services at reasonable prices.  Shortly thereafter, the Mayo Clinic in Glendale, Arizona announced that they will no longer be able to treat Medicare patients.  The reason: government reimbursement for services amounts to 30%-60% of the actual costs incurred when treating the elderly.  Many primary care and general practitioners in private practice are not taking new Medicare patients for the same reason.  They are hoping that natural attrition will allow them to continue to treat their patients and they will not have to declare bankruptcy.

Congress is modeling a reformed health scare system after the Medicare model which is performing so poorly that physicians are returning to school for degrees in accounting or law, or becoming firemen or Indian Chiefs – anything they can do and actually be compensated commensurate with their skill, ability and knowledge.  With more skilled professionals leaving the medical field and more demands being put on those remaining with less remuneration, our government is causing the collapse of yet another once respected and renowned American institution.  This time it will be not only at the monetary expense of the citizens, it will be at the expense of our health and even our longevity.

Liberalism and Political Correctness are making a mockery of the U.S. and nations around the globe.  It is no longer acceptable practice for a police officer to stop and question someone in a beat up car dragging a bag of burglar tools behind when found cruising slowly in a wealthy neighborhood apparently seeking an unoccupied residence.  That is called profiling.  Keeping known Yemeni trained Muslim jihadists from boarding international flights filled with infidels is likewise forbidden, and law enforcement officers must wait until a scream or cry is heard from a youngster reluctantly led by the hand into a public restroom by a convicted child molester before approaching for fear of being sued for harassment.

Our current legislators and leaders are no longer governing, they are intruding.  They are not overseeing and coordinating for the betterment and advancement of the American people, they are dictating the way to the reversal of the systems that made us the leader of the industrial revolution, education, medicine, wealth and opportunity.

We are about to begin the second decade of the 21st century in a land once filled with hope and opportunity.  By returning the government “of the people, by the people and for the people” to the people, we might be able to restore some of the dignity and prosperity that once designated the United States as a world leader.  Perhaps we can even begin investigating and interrogating our enemies rather than prosecuting our patriotic defenders.  It will require a vote cast by every caring individual to eradicate Washington D.C. of the entire corrupt House of non-Representatives and over a third of the equally debauched and debased Senate.  It may even necessitate the removal of our national figure head whose qualifications and eligibility for the office are still in question.


We can sit by and let them continue to arrogate power over us until we are so weak individually and as a nation that we can no longer put up any resistance.  But those who choose this option can no longer claim victim hood or express disdain for those who actually do something to better their own lives.



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