Sometimes it is just very difficult defining the line.  That line would be the one between liberalism and Islam.  Both are hard core religions.  The difference, if there is any, might be the entity being worshiped and the methods of showing reverence or allegiance.  Other than a named religion, what is the difference in these two groups of terrorists?  Both use anger, intimidation, violence and force while professing peace, harmony and tranquility.

Both groups act, or react, violently when they don’t get their way or cannot cause others to think in their terms or accept their beliefs.  Both bodies attack people rather than debate issues and, whenever possible, do so with great vehemence.  The only conversations in which they will engage are those with like minded people on subjects where there is prior agreement.  There is infrequent debate with an opposing viewpoint because conservatives generally back up their stance with data or indisputable facts where liberals and Muslims can only voice what they “know is right”.  It’s like liberals and Muslims are bestowed with divine intrinsic knowledge.

I’ll use a few (very few because of the extreme number of potential references) examples to back up my reasoning.

  1. Most recently, Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was attacked by a Somali Muslim wielding a knife and an ax who was unhappy with a satirical characterization of Mohammad wearing a turban shaped like a bomb.  To a Muslim, death is justified for a humorous illustration that does not coincide with his viewpoint.
  2. Muslims bomb hotels, embassies, financial centers, businesses and mass transportation to show their might and express opposition to capitalism and freedom.
  3. Liberals pound Tea Party members for expressing their displeasure with excessive taxation.  Social injustice has occurred because some people have worked, either smart or hard, and achieved more than others who choose not to put out an equal effort.  Thus, those who “have” must share with those who “want” but are unwilling to achieve for themselves.
  4. Members of E.L.F. (Earth Liberation Front) proudly claim responsibility for setting SUVs aflame at dealerships; spray painting Hummers in parking lots and burning down housing projects in otherwise forested areas.  They do so because they believe these are the evils that will cause the end of Earth.
  5. Gay Rights members violently attack citizens who voted against giving “equal” privileges to individuals who flaunt and proudly proclaim their “special” differences.
  6. Neighborhoods and, in some cases, entire cities are subjected to rioting because a particular political candidate who had promised the area residents proceeds from wealth distribution lost an election.
  7. As a final yet prime example I offer:  Liberals attack Ann Coulter on stage at a college campus, throwing pies and punches to show displeasure with her views.  Here’s a woman who, when stepping out of the shower wearing a heavy winter coat, probably tips the scale at roughly the same weight as the Sunday Los Angeles Times.  The highly educated liberal males cannot defeat her wit and wisdom with words, so they attack her physically.

Sometimes the liberals and the Muslims try to blur the images with the preface of “radical”, as in Radical Muslim or Radical Progressive.  However, there is never any condemnation of the radical individuals or organizations from the “moderate” Muslims or liberals.  Instead the moderates only sit back, goad and encourage others who will do the work for them.

Say, that’s not unlike the chronic Welfare mentality.  But then they are simply extreme but not radical liberals.



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