Obama is now on a tour to identify how he can fool the American public into thinking he really has a heart and wants to do something for the country.  WATCH OUT FOR YOUR BROWNIE!

He says he is going to concentrate on the job market and the economy.  Where was the concern a year ago?  Why didn’t he do something about jobs when he first took office so that we would have money to pay the taxes he and congress have instituted?  It’s because he’s using Munchausen by Proxy syndrome to get his way.  He has made the job market so bad that only HE can help.  He has destroyed the economy to the point that it is necessary for HIM to miraculously reverse the damage.  Nobody will look at how we got to where we are (if they do, he will again point to his predecessor), they will only give praise and accolades to the SAVIOR for his care, concern and unparalleled ability to reverse the ills.

Once the extreme anger of the country subsides and complacency sets in again; when nobody is looking, the health care issue will be reintroduced.  His goal is, always has been and will continue to be to ram an unnecessary, unwanted, costly and restrictive health plan down our throats.  He will appease the masses only as long as he must to achieve his goal.  His string handlers are working behind the curtain right now. They’re writing the new bill while trying to identify how much show this marionette must provide before congress can safely introduce the modified scheme.

Be aware!  Don’t let him reach into your lunch sack and steal your brownie when you glance away.  Clean “House” on Nov. 2 so we can start fresh and perhaps it won’t be necessary to impeach, recall and prosecute this dictator wannabe before 2012.


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