Thanks to the social engineering and lack of education in our public schools, more people watch American Idol once a week than pay attention to the government all week long.  American Idol makes the masses “feel good”.  Seeing other people succeed, we feel good about ourselves and our potential.  That’s what we’ve been taught in school by the “If it feels good, do it” generation.

There is no concern for what the feel good decisions or indecisions will do to or for the next generation.  In fact, there is little thought regarding how those decisions will affect each of us in just a few years.  For instance, health care:  If anything resembling the current offerings by congress passes, the youth of today will be in their 40s, 50s and 60s and needing more frequent medical attention at the time when it becomes necessary to ration the care identify who is most worthy of receiving optional or even life-saving procedures.

The rich and influential will still be given priority; the poor will still suffer without; those in between will be selected by a coin toss.  The distribution of services will be the same, there will just be less to distribute.  So, unless there is a golden parachute guarantying that you will be politically connected or extremely wealthy (Bill Gates or Warren Buffet wealthy) you done jus’ bin makin’ one multi-bad decision on yourself ’bout health care, kid.  Oops, didn’t think beyond today!  It really does feel good to believe that everybody will have health care and that you were part of making it happen, though.

You just didn’t think far enough ahead.  You neglected the forethought that you too will be aging.  But then you probably haven’t had the opportunity to think for yourself yet.  Perhaps this one decision will help…in a few years.  Unfortunately, it may be too late.

Perhaps one day, when you’re lying in the hospital suffering from acute heart dysfunction at age 45 it will hit you.  Maybe then, when you hear that the 2010 Idol winner in the room two doors down is getting the operation that you need and deserve, you’ll understand.  After all, it was you who helped them win the contest by tapping many times on the keyboard of your space-age electronic communication device.  You were a major part of their success. You helped them become rich.  It was also that action that kept your attention from what the nation’s elected leaders were doing for you when you voted for equality.

Maybe then, sometime in the future, you will understand why the dumb old fogies didn’t want the all-inclusive government mandated health care.  Hopefully, though, you will have the chance to tell your Idol that it was you who gave them your heart, back in 2010.

Think about tomorrow, act for tomorrow, vote for tomorrow and hopefully there will be a bright tomorrow.  You can choose to vote for your representatives, your American Idol or both.  You really should give more thought to your representatives than you do your favorite singer though.  We need a congress that represents the people, not just the congress. We now have a charismatic black orator that was voted into the presidency on just those attributes.  We need someone in charge who understands what it means to be in charge.  We need someone who can lead well, not just read well.


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