John Brennan, President Obama’s lead counter-terrorism advisor, considers himself to be a citizen of the world and believes that there are no bad or evil groups, only individuals.  He refuses to even recognize, that there are affiliations of those individuals whose only interest is to kill Americans.

Janet Napolitano and President Obama have both quickly and loudly denied terrorist connections to abhorrent acts that later proved to be jihad related.  Those acts were committed by perpetrators known to have been in contact with radical imams, al Queda or Hamas or Taliban leadership.  The initial proclamation seems always to be to excuse the actions as isolated and individual.  That holds until the truth can no longer be hidden from the public.

How are the American people supposed to feel safe and secure knowing that the entire Homeland Security network is rife with Muslim/terrorist/jihad sympathizers? The president himself readily admits to being raised in the Muslim faith.  He claims to be Christian now.  But, according to the tenets of Islam, if one is once a Muslim, he is always a Muslim.  If a person leaves Islam for another faith, that person is an infidel and must be killed in the name of Allah.  President Obama has not yet been targeted as an infidel.

I personally have to question the president’s true allegiance.  He has hastily taken the side of a black college professor over a white police officer doing his duty to protect and serve (remember how he said the officer acted stupidly?)  He has had many meetings with known supporters of radical Islam.  He has appointed and surrounded himself with individuals that could not pass congressional confirmation.  His “security” team is in close contact with members of organizations known for supporting and encouraging terrorism.  He has also cleared the way for some foreign nationals of the Islamic faith to be employed in positions with high sensitivity to national security.  He has been instrumental in allowing the enemy to infiltrate our government.

The new logo for the Missile Defense Agency under the Department of Defense also causes question.  An article in the Telegraph from the United Kingdom tells it like it is.  Check it out at

In case you haven’t been notified yet, Bizarro World, USA is now available from  To purchase a copy, go to the bookstore and search by the title.  Thank you for your interest in America.

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