R & D

In industry and science, R & D stands for research and development.  In politics, R & D stand for Republican and Democrat.  The letter P simply refers to progressive.  While the root word “progress” sounds like the right thing, progressivism in politics is not right, is insidious and crosses all party lines.

Progressivism is anti-American (the absolute opposite of how we have always known America).  It is anti-capitalism (antagonistic to the system that made this country a leader in the world).  It is anti-free market and anti-independence and pro dependence on government.  Moreover, anti-Constitution (They want to do away with the document that defines the powers granted to the federal government by the citizenry and limits the extent to which the government may use them.  The first ten amendments to this document also describe the rights of American citizens that the federal government cannot strip from us.)

The progressives began decades ago teaching and training our youth that society revolves around themselves.  For years, the progressives in our schools have brainwashed our kids into believing that the government is in place to meet their needs, make them happy and serve them well.

Don’t be fooled again into voting for the person with your normal choice of letters, either (R) or (D) behind their name.  Watch out in particular for any candidate who prefers to call him or herself progressive, no matter what representative party letter or symbol of affiliation follows their name.

Progressives have given millions of people cash, food, transportation assistance, tools, clothing and training, child care and myriad other entitlements paid for by those who choose to work hard and support themselves.  Progressives enable the lazy and dependent of this country to remain lazy and dependent.

Before you go off on that statement, I do realize there are some people who simply cannot fend for themselves and I agree that we should all pitch in and help them.  However, when able bodied people expect everyone else to care for them and their families instead of doing so themselves, there is a problem.  When generation after generation expects ongoing assistance from the government to provide for them and then protest when they don’t get enough “free” stuff the dependency has reached its apex and will drag down the country.  That is the position progressives have put us in today.  Moreover, that is where they want us.

The total national debt now exceeds $54 trillion.  Each family’s portion of that debt exceeds $678,500.  The current debt will take generations to displace, even with diligent immediate and future fiscal restraint.  That is not happening and is likely not going to happen as long as progressives have the reins and conservatives complacently sit by.  Deficit spending continues and increases with each bill enacted by congress and every entitlement program funded.

Every government run agency, every employee and many failing private enterprises now expect that the government will bail them out of their personal situations.  There is no fear of failure; there is no risk, only reward.  We have recently seen financial institutions make jeopardous decisions, knowing that they could mean corporate and industry wide ruin.  The government then bailed them out at the expense of the working class.  We have seen two of the Big Three receive the same treatment while small and medium size businesses shutter their doors.

Progressives cause the problems then take the hero stance as they offer the cure.  Like synthetic pharmaceuticals, the “cure” often only masks the current symptoms and presents new problems requiring another symptom-masking counteractant.  Progressives do not correct problems they only redirect attention from them.

Progressives coerced credit lenders in the 1990s to issue credit cards and revolving credit to people who did not have the credentials or history to justify credit lines.  Then they put pressure on mortgage lenders in 2004 to lower their lending standards so that more people could purchase homes.  They are going to do it again to relieve the inventory of vacant houses.  The same group pushes for unionization of all workers which forces higher prices to accommodate the workers’ demands for higher wages and Cadillac benefits.  There seems to be no forethought for the consequences of their progressive ideals.  They are the “If it feels good, do it”; the “live for today” generation of the 60s and 70s and the children brainwashed by them in public schools.

When you vote on November 2, 2010, vote for the R or D of your choice.  However, be sure to look behind the capital letter for the oft hidden ‘p’ that will continue to ruin our country that once was.


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