Obama has the pulpit.  He has the House, the Senate, the media, a staff of writers and Robert Gibbs.  He has the ability to state what he wants people to believe, and have his words repeated by an army of back-pocket minions.  He and the others, banded together by progressive ideals, can and do distort history as well as day-to-day events.

A few people in D.C. shouted hateful derogatory terms at congressional representatives as they readied to perform their “duties” against the will of the majority of the American people.  These few remarks were used to brand all Tea Party members as racist and bigoted.  The words have been repeated many times over by the president himself, the news media, Press Secretary and congressmen and congresswomen.

Far overlooked, however, and not only understated or denied by the same group of people is the fact that Rep. Eric Cantor’s office in Richmond, VA was targeted when a bullet hole was found in the front window.  The shooting was first glossed over as a stray bullet, an accident that had nothing to do with politics.  That was until the arrest.

The man arrested claims to have made and posted over 2,000 threatening videos on the Internet.  He used expletives, bigoted and anti-Semitic remarks in his threats, yet this is considered the actions of a lone lunatic.

You won’t hear it from Robert Gibbs and you won’t hear it on the Nightly Lies programs and you probably won’t read about it in the bird cage liners, but the man arrested donated money to the Obama campaign.  A total of $505 apparently was given to Obama for America by the very same man in 2008.

Q.  Does that mean that every Obama supporter is a threat?

A.  Only to the nation.

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