We all tend to follow our personal choices of news and events.  Most people have one or two sources upon which they rely for all the information they feel they need to make informed decisions.  Those sources generally tend to corroborate the “inherent knowledge” of the individual.  Few, very few, people choose to gather information from various sources and make decisions after allowing themselves information from both sides and perhaps multiple angles of an issue.

As if the progressives and liberals don’t have enough media reinforcement for their feelings regarding right/wrong, good for a few/better for the majority, soon they will have the news selected for them.  Most news sources now feed us biased morsels.  Read or listen to what makes you feel best about your views and it becomes fact.  Nevertheless, according to Google, any news contrary to or not coincidental with a web surfer’s innate viewpoints is slated for eradication from their daily dose of left.

We already know that Google searches can be limited or steered from conservative sites. However, Eric Schmidt, Google CEO, and Obama activist told the American Society of News Editors recently that his servers will begin (re-)editing the news to deliver only what the reader wants to read.  (At least what Google thinks you should be reading.)

Obama, Google, the alphabet TV news crews and almost all others of leftist bent complain that FOX news is right-wing.  They say this because FOX offers a different look at the same news presented by the others.  In many cases, unlike the other news broadcasters, FOX does present both sides.  Often times one can hear about events on FOX that the others choose not to present because it interferes with their bias.  Perhaps it’s not presented evenly and equally, but there will be Republican, Democrat, progressive and conservative commentators through out the daily broadcasts.  MSNBC, not so much.  But you will often get profanity laden bile and hatred spewed about FOX.

Defending FOX?  Somewhat.  But only because it is an eclectic news source.  Most liberals don’t allow themselves the exposure to a second opinion.  Many conservatives like the exposure to, and debate about, the pros and cons of current events.

One of my favorite Sci-Fi novels is “1984”.  In the book, the government disseminates propaganda through the Ministry of Truth.  ***We’re there, folks*** with virtually every media outlet pulling for this administration (Chris Mathews with his legs tingling), they can and will do anything to make the undereducated and ignorant masses believe that any dissenting opinion is unpatriotic and that TEA Parties are led by bigots and racists.  It’s virtually impossible to prove otherwise once an individual or group is so branded. We are not allowed to have an opinion other than set forth by our near-dictatorial president.  Yet, freely and peacefully voicing opposition to the wrongs of an overpowering and abusive government is the reason for our Declaration of Independence and exactly the reason for the first amendment to the Constitution.

On a side note:

The FBI is providing the Kennedy family an opportunity to correct or remove investigative information in Senator Ted Kennedy’s file before public disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act.  The ten thousand plus page file, accumulated over his lifetime in politics (47 years in the Senate alone), will show only “happy thoughts” to historians writing text books for our grand children.  The 1969 drunken car crash and drowning of Mary Jo Kopechne at Chappaquiddick and the cover-up and payoff(s) will no longer plague the Kennedy family name.

“ONLY THE INFORMATION WE WANT YOU TO HAVE”, direct from the Ministry of Truth.


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