Based solely on what I personally have been able to observe over the past few years, the progressive wing of the Democrat party is scheming on the November elections.  Moderate and even conservative Republicans seem to pay no attention to the movement.  The sad part is, if I’m right, nobody else is paying attention to the moves.  Illegal immigration, statehood for Puerto Rico and the pullback of Democrats in virtually every major race tells me there’s a coup in the works.  Progressives don’t care about the individual battles.  In fact, they will give away all battles to meet the larger objective.

I’ll go out on a limb here.  Between now and November be prepared to see a lot of spending obligations.  I mean a lot!  The progressives will purposely throw the election only to blame conservatives for every negative that happens between November 2010 and November 2012.  The plot is to retain Obama’s presidency and continue to destroy the country…and perhaps the world, as we have known it.  Obama calls it “fundamental reformation”.

A $200 billion, multiyear unemployment benefit extension is on the table right now.  That, in its self, will probably be sufficient to stifle job growth in the private sector.  Currently, wages are so low that formerly employed workers and professionals can actually get more money from unemployment than they would receive by returning to their trade or occupation.  Progressives want to keep it that way.

In spite of all the huge lender bailouts (including Fannie and Freddie) that were supposed to help people refinance their homes, proportionately few people are able to accomplish the refi.  When it fails, they are stuck making up past payments withheld on advice of the lender.  With credit ratings trashed because part of the refi process is making no payment or forbearance payments, it is then impossible to complete the cycle.  Increased interest because of lower FICO scores when purchasing anything on time, a car for example, can make the difference whether to purchase or not.  This financial debacle will only worsen over time and look nasty by 2012.  Hang on conservatives and moderates in congress, blame is coming for refusing to spend more.  To date it has all been Bush’s fault.

Continued government growth, statehood for Puerto Rico and amnesty for illegal immigrants will add to the financial burden we are experiencing.  It will also give progressives more power with the anticipated liberal votes.  The majority of illegal aliens here currently are undereducated and capable only of menial labor tasks to provide their income.  That means few tax dollars and more government subsistence payments and entitlement programs.  More government dependents will guarantee the continued economic collapse in this country.

We’re snowballing now.  More government employees making (not necessarily earning) an average 140% of what comparable civilian wages once were, with enhanced taxpayer paid benefits requires a greater private industry economy to fund government.  Instead of building the employment base in the private sector, though, virtually all new jobs are in the public sector while the private sector is still losing them.  A federal deficit to GDP ratio of +/-80% and more unfunded spending coming at us daily can only mean that Greece and Italy are not far ahead of us when it comes to frustrated and riotous citizens.

Think about it for a minute.  If you, personally, had a debt to income ratio of 80% you couldn’t buy a pack of gum on time with fifty cents down.  You certainly couldn’t buy a home, and interest alone on a car or replacement refrigerator would make you think twice about the need.  Moreover, if you took on more debt while your income was dropping…well you get the picture.  Unless something changes for the positive soon, members of the Triad Society are going to show up for payment.

We, the American people are rapidly becoming enslaved, beholden to the government, and are being sold down the Potomac by this administration and this congress.  Again, I advise that a change of congress in 2010 is only the first step toward recovery.  It may take an act of impeachment for treason (wantonly violating the trust of the citizens and desecrating the Constitution) and definitely a conservative figurehead to unwind the debasing done in just 16 months.  We can only hope that some of the devastation is salvageable.


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One Response to “THEY’RE AT IT AGAIN – STILL”

  1. Raymond Newberry Says:


    I can’t for the life of me figure out why it is and how it is that the Democratic Liberal Foundation is so strong. They are steam rolling over America without remorse, concern or conscious towards the citizens of the United States. They make the Teflon Don look like double-sided velcro tacky tape.

    I ponder how it is that one party can stay so strong as long as the new administration has. People may argue that they haven’t really been in charge that long but I am talking from a damage stand point. The democrats have created more damage in such a short period that it seems like they have run America for eons. Is it because they have more money than the other parties? Is it because they have better lawyers than everybody else? Do they have better ethics and a higher moral standard. Am I seeing things from a sinister point of view instead of falling in cadence, joining the likes of SEIU and the rest of the anti-tea party movement??

    On the other side if the spectrum I wonder, are the Republicans that bamboozled that they can’t do any better than they already have as far as fighting the good fight? They have not done good so better than they already have is giving the party too much credit. They aren’t fighting the fight if you look at the achievements of America since the new administration took office.

    Are we so fooled as to think the republicans resource to a lawyer base that can defeat the liberals on any given day is non existant? On any given day they can beat the absurdities but they don’t.

    I suspect the railroading of America is a team, bipartisan effort.

    When the Republicans ban together and vote nay on an agenda, every single last one of them, it is usually under conditions where the democrats are in no need of any extra votes. After the republicans fail miserably, we have a tendency of patting them on the back although they didn’t win anything for the people this time, that time or the other time.

    The Republicans I notice ban together when we can’t win anyway. When the democrats are in need of 1, two or three votes, if they are short by any given number, it seems that republicans will cross over party lines to see to it that once more, they lose or is it that they win?

    I am not by any stretch blaming the patriots in the street, they are passionate and believe in our constitution and freedoms that we are rapidly losing. They are hard-core in your face good Americans. I tip my hat off to each and of them. I question if the patriots who fight the fight daily in the streets are aware of the party that is letting them down? It is not the democratic part, it is not the liberal party who are overwhelmingly letting us down in America.

    Raymond Newberry


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