Liberals in high places have hijacked the country when we were all looking.  They are ego struck and taking advantage of positioning.  Because there is a progressive president and congress, there is a pervasive understanding amongst all progressives that they have the only correct answer.  As with most liberals, there is no consideration and certainly no tolerance for differing opinions.

Los Angeles City Council proudly and loudly claims one of the largest “immigrant” populations of the United States.  They are speaking, of course, of the illegal alien denizens.  They remain silent on the fact that the city also has the highest criminal and gang activity among the same residents.  They voted to boycott city business dealings with Arizona over enforcement of existing federal laws.  That’s one thing.  Politicians are welcome to have a say about other political doings.  Apparently, “We the People”, the citizens of the country, the employers of the politicians no longer have that same voice.

There is a definite line drawn between religion and government in our state run schools.  Morals, ethics and principles, were long ago removed from the education system and replaced with political and social ideology indoctrination.  These venues of “education” feed the unformed minds of our youth and inject the children with socialist, Marxist thinking and deeds.  They inoculate against free thinking and exploration of ideas.  The political philosophies professed create dictatorships, tyranny, poverty and desperation; huge government structures lording over the lower class, taking from the poor all they earn and replacing it with stipends.

An Illinois high school girl’s basketball team is being denied the opportunity to travel to Arizona for a tournament.  The team has worked hard and won their first conference title in 26 years only to have their reward sucked out of them purely for political purposes.  Prior teams have enjoyed trips to the “Human Rights Capital of the World”…China.  Apparently, China’s philosophy coincides with the policies and philosophies of progressive school administrators.

A San Diego, CA school district unanimously passed a resolution restricting school employees from traveling to Arizona on official business.  The school district is effecting a boycott against a state.  (I have to wonder if the resolution was worded in English!)

Progressives cause all the dissention and in-fighting with their refusal to accept and follow the base laws of this country.  Congress continues to draft and pass laws, never intending to enforce them.  They write laws simply to appropriate monies that can then be lost in the system.  It is camouflage for taking from the poor, and what’s now left of the middle income class, to benefit the rich despite the stated objectives.

The proud and patriotic Americans must regain normalcy and control of the country.  The elite in D.C. have no interest in allowing the once great opportunities that the United States of America once offered.  The social justice sought by our elected officials will ultimately collapse the economies of all countries.  It will inevitably lead to a greater separation of society by creating only two classes of people throughout the globe…those who govern and those who slave on behalf of the governors.

Arizona’s newest law is not about race and it’s not about immigration.  It is about the economic survivability of a state.  It is about following and enforcing the laws currently in existence and balancing the budget.  It is about using legal residents’ tax dollars for the benefit of legal residents.  If other governing bodies would recognize this and institute similar practices, we might be able to return to a flourishing economy far sooner than currently projected.

Boycotting trade with Arizona might have unsought repercussions.  Billions of dollars worth of business is transferred between states for sporting events alone.  Right now, we need as much cash flow in the economy as possible.  Travel and tourism is vital to all states, cities and many communities.  Arizonans take vacations and hold business conventions around the nation.  Reciprocal boycott behavior can only harm the nation at large.

Especially in these, times we must act and react rationally, not emotionally.


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One Response to “BAD, BAD ARIZONA”

  1. Raymond Newberry Says:

    Wouldn’t you know it, even when we had a moratorium on movement to Indonesia, Barry was excluded from traveling…That was another country.

    Today, a certain breed wants to provoke travel within the (United) States.

    Is that any way to teach our children what tolerance is? What exactly is it about “United” do they not grasp?

    Viva la United States of Amerika…


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