An article in today’s news titled “GOP bad dream: Birther on ticket” gives me reason to ask the question, “Why?”  Why, exactly, is it a bad thing to want to know the truth?  The story is about Orly Taitz, a lawyer, who has filed multiple lawsuits on behalf of her clients to uncover the truth about Obama’s background and eligibility for what was once the most respected office in the world.  Other people have called for Obama’s resignation citing incompetence, deceit, fraud, corruption, dishonesty and violation of both the U.S. oath of office and the Constitution.

All this is brought about simply because we don’t know and the answers are sequestered by Executive Order.  The only things we do know about this man are what he has offered about his own life and history.  (Much of that is, in itself, questionable.) Well, we know that and the fact that within a mere 17 months, he has set the country on the road to bankruptcy, sent hundreds of thousands of formerly self-sufficient, employed individuals into involuntary governmental servitude to pay for his unconscionable spending.

I question whether Obama is a citizen or not, only because he has locked-up all his records and won’t allow an answer to the question about his right to be president.  If it wasn’t for his self-protective actions, the question wouldn’t exist.  I’m not going to be consumed by the notion that he might not be eligible for the office, but I do wonder.

I would like to know the truth.  Does that make me a “birther”?  Is seeking factual information a bad thing?  It apparently is, but only in the minds of progressives whose “want to believe” is sufficient to make them right and me wrong.

Progressives don’t want or care about the truth; they only want their way.  Progressives will do, say or be anything necessary to achieve their end goal.  If you get in the way of an assembly of progressives, they will resort to yelling, name calling, labeling, blaming and even violence because they follow a crooked and wobbly path that offers no solid or factual foundation.  Sometimes one or two progressives will behave this way, but they are generally intimidated by the truth and forgo violence.  Blaming, name calling and yelling will usually be used by individuals or small groups to express their innate knowledge and wisdom.  Without truth or facts, liberals and progressives cannot justify their beliefs or feelings and become so conflicted and frustrated that their only recourse is destruction of any questioning or opposing influence.

I have said, and can say again, that if it turns out that this man is not a natural born citizen, as required by the Constitution; if he has taken over the government by nefarious means, he must be tried for treason and every bill he has signed into law and every Executive Order he has issued must be rescinded and normalcy reinstated.

Perhaps we should all back Orly Taitz and the others in their quest for the truth by following the law and the Constitution.  Their suspicions could be wrong…but they could also be right.  What if they are right?  If they are right, rapid and drastic steps must be taken to restore sovereignty, order and individual responsibility and prosperity to our country.


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One Response to “THE TRUTH”

  1. Raymond Newberry Says:

    The question behind this mess should not be about birthers demanding or Dr. Orly spearheading a campaign to see required documents if your child wants to sign up for little league yet alone run for POTUS…

    The question should be, “why would the UPOTUS sign executive order to hide his credentials and pay out millions of our rare dollars to prevent us from seeing it?


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