Though Orly Taitz lost the contest for Secretary of State in the California primary last Tuesday, not every relative unknown around the country lost.

Alvin Greene took the South Carolina Democrat primary for U.S. Senate.  Mr. Greene, though duly elected by the people of his district, is not the darling of the party through whom he’s chosen to represent the people of his state.  In fact, he was asked by the South Carolina Democratic Party Chair to withdraw from the race.  (Starting to sound familiar?)

Who is Alvin Greene?  He is a man with no political experience.  Until recently, he was an unemployed military veteran.  (An anomaly for a candidate from this party.  He actually served his country.) He is also formally accused of “disseminating, procuring or promoting obscenity”.  He showed graphic photos to a student of the University of South Carolina and then tried to follow her to her dorm room.  (I’m having trouble here.  Other than the veteran thing, why doesn’t he have the full party support?)

The voters want him; he took over 60% of the vote.  The party doesn’t.  A party spokesperson said that staffers were baffled at the win.  Apparently, Mr. Greene did little to no campaigning and was under the radar of the party heads.  The voters wanted change and blindly picked an unknown person, not unlike the last general election.

We’ll have to see if he is a viable representative for the people or if he is a typical Democrat.  We’ll know by whether or not he takes a bribe and drops out of the race.  Test two would be if he still has his kneecaps in November.  If he’s still walking without prosthetic aids or very heavy medication, and either has a lot of money or an inflated salary do-nothing position in a back office in Podunk, S.C. or the level 8 sub-basement of the White House, we’ll know.  We’ll know that he’s just another Democrat.

Perhaps one reason for the party dissing might be that he hasn’t been trained in polito-speak.  When asked how he would have voted on TARP, he answered, “What’s that?”  He then added, “I’ll have to look into that and get back to you.”

The correct answer, of course, would have been “I haven’t read it, so I would have voted for it to see what was in it.”  He is in favor and a supporter of the Democrats national health care plan and the stimulus packages.  (He probably knows nothing about either legislation other than they are Democrat offerings.)

In recap, Alvin Greene is an accused purveyor of pornographic material and possible stalker.  A commendable majority of people who have no idea who he is or anything regarding his background elected him.  He is their nominee for the U.S. Senate seat.  He hasn’t read enough about the current controversial bills in Washington to form an educated opinion of them, but he is in favor of them.  Yet, he still doesn’t have the support of the Democrat party.

I just don’t understand why the party isn’t promoting him as the best thing that’s never come out of Chicago.  It’s got to be that pesky military service that bothers them so much!


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