BP is British Petroleum by reputation only.  Below is a break down of ownership as of last year.

Beneficial owners as of 31 December 2009

Percentage of shares in issue

Range of holdings             Institutions          Individuals          Total

By principal area

UK                                          33                   7                       40

US                                          25                 14                       39

Rest of Europe                         10                   –                       10

Rest of World                            7                   –                         7

Miscellaneous                            4                   –                         4

Totals                                   79                  21                    100

When you look at the real numbers, you see 25 unnamed institutions and 14 individuals in the U.S. control almost as much of the company assets as does the U.K.

I can see Obama running the stock value down by bleeding BP with endless, mismanaged restitution of which much will be misappropriated, then buying up as much stock as possible from RoE, RoW and the few miscellaneous owners with your taxpayer money.  He then will put together a syndicate of U.S. holdings with the federal government as a primary stock holder and controlling entity.

With that, your energy costs “will necessarily skyrocket”.  He has already virtually guaranteed that under his Crap and Tax program, he will bankrupt the coal industry.  He is on his way to marginalizing and destroying every industry in the country.  Once ruined with bailouts, takeovers and government controls, all products and services will be restricted, rationed and doled under heavy taxation to consumers.

This unknown man with a secret and questionable background has been in office only 18 months, just over 1/3 of his elected term, and the government now owns and controls more than 70% of the economy.  They own and control 30% of the total land mass of the United States and in some areas like Nevada, the federal government owns 84.5% of the land within the state boundaries.

Of 10 Western States (Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, California, Arizona and New Mexico) “We the People” own a massive 52.84% of the land yet as individuals we can only gain access to much of it by paying a fee.

We’re losing ground (double entendre intended) folks.  Lincoln’s “Government of the people, by the people and for the people” is perishing from the earth.  We no longer have a “more perfect union” as sought by the Constitution of the United States.

What will it take to awaken the masses; for them to open their eyes, take a new breath and want what is truly theirs: FREEDOM from tyranny?  As a society, we are far too complacent, too controlled and too ignorant to realize it.


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One Response to “CONTROL OR FREEDOM”

  1. Raymond Newberry Says:

    One can only wonder, I don’t but one can only wonder, what are they waiting for? The Impeach word is suddenly a top secret idea. No one dares mention it in the house.. Why is it not being tossed around like beer in Barack Hussein Obama’s White House? We know BHO White House is no longer the peoples house. Is it because the Republicans (elected officials) are in the same bed as those Democrats? I think the elected Republican officials stand with the Democrats. I suspect when the lobbyist make an offer that the Democrats can’t refuse the Democrats in turn become lobbyist and make offers that our elected officials can’t refuse.

    Bobby Rush had said, If anyone other than a black person replaces Barack Obama’s vacant senate seat, it will be nothing short of a national disgrace. I had no idea that the seat was sole ownership of a black man. What about the White House? The house that was occupied by George Bush, if anyone other than a white man replaced George W. Bush, is that not something short of a national disgrace?

    The reason Barack is President had nothing to do with his skills (which is clear) but because people like John McCain trying to pacify his rival. Rather than calling out Barack Hussein Obama and pointing out his past relationships with his comrades, team McCain remained tighter lipped than Barack Obama’s media.

    Because the white folk and republicans are afraid of being labeled as a racist, they threw our country under the bus. Your Republicans were afraid of wearing a label that they are already branded with. Imagine that!

    The Black Panther guarded polling stations and swayed people by intimidation. That is why BHO is president.

    The Republican Party, your elected officials would not fight it all the way to the top, Barack Obama won the title of President of the United States of America. because ACORN, caught on tape buying votes from voters. Folks not registered to vote ACORN used cigarettes as currency to buy their vote is why Barack Obama won.

    This garbage and more is the reason BHO is president, because he broke every rule our country is against. But this is not our country so Barack won because this is his country.

    The reason Barack is President had nothing to do with his skills (which is evident) but because people like John McCain rolling over. Rather than calling him out and running a campaign based on BHO past relationships with his comrades they were tighter lipped about it than was Barack Obama’s media.

    I think the real reason that the Impeach word is not seriously discussed is for the same reason Obama that Barack won in the first place.

    The Republican party has not went for the jugular as they should, probably for fear of being called racist….What is it about being called a racist that you are afraid of. Don’t you realize that regardless of your silence, you are a racist but far worse than that, you are a trader of the people.

    People need to open their eyes and realize, what is your (Elected Officials) party doing differently today than they did before the primaries? Nothing that I can tell. Remember the people shouted, why don’t you bring up BHO’s past relationships with Bill Ayers, Birth Certificate, ACORN, why, why, why?

    The ones that tried like Sarah Palin was chastised, excommunicated by the Republicans. I didn’t see them coming to her defense when she tried to do what the people asked.

    The party did not listed to the people before BHO became president and what they have proven to me is that they still are not listening to you….

    Traders of the republican party unite and impeach this guy who made all his public records off record by way of executive order….impeach him now.

    It will never happen because they fear…..”you have nothing to fear except for fear itself”

    Raymond Newberry


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