For those of you who may have missed the news today:

Dick Durbin, he’s the one who wanted terrorists in Guantanamo to be treated more humanely than our own soldiers, asked that the President appoint a carp Czar.  Illinois, please be sure to re-elect this highly intelligent patriot to the U.S. Senate.  We need people like him to spend our money more wisely than we as individuals ever could.

Our Vice President called a custard store manager a “smart ass” while consuming product at his store in Milwaukee.  When asked what was owed for the custard, the store manager replied to VP Biden “lower our taxes and we’ll call it even”.  That was enough for the arrogant bastard to call an American citizen a smart ass.

The Senate has authorized an Internet “kill switch” option for the president.  Obama can now order the shut down of any, or all, Internet activity; at any time he deems it necessary for either national security or cyber-attack prevention.  In that this president and his communist, Marxist, socialist, propaganda monger followers have a pension for calling everything a “crisis”, so that they can move forward with the destruction of our country, look forward to your connection going down soon…and often.

Census bureau employees, on request of their managers, filled in over 10,000 bogus questionnaires.  They were asked to do so in order to meet a deadline.  These are just some of the same government’s 550,000 responsible and recently employed, part-time, temporary workers.  They were making the best use of your tax dollars and doing their best to bring credible numbers and statistics to the 2010 census on time.

The Obama administration is moving forward with a lawsuit against Arizona for enforcing federal law that the federal government refuses to enforce.  Janet Napolitano, former governor of Arizona and current Secretary of Homeland Security (or insecurity for accuracy) has, however, authorized signs warning Americans that travel within the Southern 80 miles of that state is not recommended.  We are not to use the public parks because we could be killed by illegal drug and human traffickers using that area.

Many of you reading this, as it is passed, will be far more aware that the U.S. is out of the World Cup running.  If you don’t follow sports, for sure you know that at the one year anniversary, Michael Jackson is still dead.

None the less, I thought you might need to hear some other news.  It’s a sad, sad world in which we live.



One Response to “MISSED NEWS”

  1. Raymond Newberry Says:

    Is it not amazing or disgraceful? Today we can all agree hands down that obama is the most dishonest politician in office. I think we also can agree that obama is the most untrustworthy American in office too. Despite such awareness the American people are forced into giving this disgraceful person more powers that will be guaranteed to be used by the most transparent cabinet in a most dishonest way.

    Do the police not have an honor that they must live by, a code of conduct as to not violate under the color of authority?

    Everything is so apparent about the dishonest workings behind the Obama admin by both parties, why are we forced into obeying everything wrong about this Washington good ole boy Koup Klutz Klan?


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