Obama is dictatorially using and abusing the executive powers granted to the presidency.  Be they called executive orders, fiats, mandates, decrees or warrants, they illustrate the unchecked abuse that is present and possible when only one ideology occupies all three branches of our government.

Obama is currently percolating ideas again to circumvent congress and the Constitution.  This time taking advantage of his ascendancy by offering amnesty to between 12 and 30 million illegal aliens from countries around the globe via Executive Fiat.  Little regard will be given for personal philosophy, creed, bias or prejudice.

Background checks will be quick, if any, based only on the information provided by the aspirant amnesty grantees.  Identification normally required to obtain a driver license at your local DMV will not be required.  If false input is proffered, the requisite data obtained regarding propriety of continued presence in the United States will be tainted and decisions rendered on that information possibly irreversible.  However, the information will be accepted as true for expediency.  Speed is necessary for reasonable assurance of Democrat wins in the November election cycle, and congress will simply take too long to accomplish the task.

We will be assimilating, but not integrating into our society, people who have little or no desire to become Americans.  With the current indications for cursory historical background on the already present invaders that will be awarded domestic entitlements, there are criminals (thieves, burglars, drug dealers, murderers, rapists, terrorists and others) whose only reason for being in the country is to do harm or illegal personal gain.

It will be of great consequence to the citizens as we are forced to accept this sanction by edict.  We can only be taxed even higher and driven deeper into debt to accommodate the needs of what will undoubtedly be a largely undereducated and perhaps even less intelligent, non-English speaking population.  A higher percentage of non-caring, dependent and politically ignorant will lead to less coercing and much easier deception.

It’s all part of Obama’s lowering the bar to include everybody in the same kennel.  Less intelligence or ability to seek truth, the easier it becomes to control the masses through governmental propaganda distribution.  It’s working well for Hugo, why not Obama.  Obama’s handlers have provided the outline to tyrants and dictators around the world.  They are now analyzing the feedback to see how well it might work here, what adjustments or modifications may be needed to perfect the scheme before implementation.

By fighting back, by doing what is right, we will be called bigots and racists as they will attempt to pigeon hole us to their satisfaction.  But I will accept this administration’s name-calling and blaming just as I do Janet Napolitano’s certifying me a right-wing extremist and potential homegrown terrorist because I served in the military and believe in the limited government the Constitution and Bill of Rights granted us.  I still believe they have applicable meaning today.  Perhaps more meaning today than just a very few years ago.

Yes, my fiscal, political and social philosophies may be right of center, but I am not a terrorist, racist, bigot, subversive or seditionist no matter who wants to suggest I am.  I am an American and proud of it, unlike our President and First Lady.


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5 Responses to “BECAUSE I WON!”

  1. sasoc Says:

    “…the same kennel”, hilarious.
    “…unlike our president and first lady”, so true.
    But the real plan was hatched on Mars, the only plausible explanation for the nefarious acts of the charlatan-in-chief:


    • bizarroworldusa Says:

      Thanks for reading! I have been to your page to look around briefly. Love the Martian Chronicles. I’ll spend some more time with your site later today. It looks like it needs to be seen by everyone on my mail list for The Morning Rant.
      Be in touch,


  2. sasoc Says:

    Thanks Bob, revealing each volume of the Chronicles (working on #7 now) is more fun for me than going on vacation (I probably should not admit that….).


  3. Raymond Newberry Says:

    It seems the biggest fear most folks have is of the unknown….We know already, every little trick, tantrum and label that will be flung on any opposition to the current administration….There is no unknown so what is everyone really afraid of?

    “Too many have something to hide”. It is safe to say that the people are not afraid to make a move.

    The elected officials will not do what the people ask so the question is, “what are THEY afraid of?”


  4. home and garden furniture Says:

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