For well over two years now, President Obama, you have been blaming Bush for the state of the union.  Yes, the downturn began during Bush’s watch.  There is no denying that.  He also inherited a slowing economy, then an attack on the nation.  He led the country back to prosperity before the economic slowdown caused in large by his lame duck unwillingness to challenge congress.  So, isn’t it just about time for you to take the reins; to take control of the problems and enact some positive solutions?

Just last week you stated once again, for about the five-hundredth time in as many days that you “inherited” the problems of the nation.  I say, “No, you requested them, you begged for them.  You campaigned for the opportunity to address them; to right the ills of the previous eight years.”  You told us that you would do that by “fundamentally transforming the nation”.

You have made many major changes to the engine of the United States of America and the way it runs.  You and your government have interfered with and weakened virtually every institution upon which this country was founded or was built on that foundation.  You have seen to it that the primary area where there has been remarkable and significant job creation is in your own administration and amongst your friends.  The second greatest area of job creation is among your donors whose jobs are again funded by the American people through our taxes.  Private sector jobs (those which provide the public funds you have such a penchant for spending) continue to be lost.

You want to give amnesty to an unknown number of invaders currently residing in this once sovereign nation.  Estimates of the number of potential new citizens run in the tens of millions, but no one knows for sure because the federal government has not done the job of guarding our borders or tracking the migration of illegal aliens in the past century!  Some of them may be terrorists.  Previous such programs have not worked because of the lack of will to enforcement them after authorizing an otherwise unlawful presence.  You are wanting to do it again and I guarantee you the results over time will be the same.

You allow the states along the Gulf of Mexico to suffer potentially irreparable harm while you play golf around the country and entertain in the White House with Wednesday evening concerts.  You have blocked or delayed FEMA assistance to the suffering citizens of the area.  Your EPA has stopped almost every attempt to salvage the region.  The domestic and wild life of the area is suffering because of that.

The continued growth of the government is directly related to the loss of personal freedom and the personal independence granted the citizens of this country by the founders of this nation.  Perhaps this is what you desire.  It will not work for “We the People”, however.  On this, the 234th celebration and anniversary of the Declaration of Independence from the tyrannical rule of King George III and the British Empire, I implore you to allow us again, the people of the nation, to be governed but independent of the government; to thrive as once was possible.

I hope that you can gain some personal independence from the blame game.  Take charge!  Do something positive – anything.  Quit appointing commissions, study groups, focus groups and panels to “explore potential”.  This country needs a decisive leader, not a teleprompted orator.  Make a damned decision, even if it’s wrong!  If it proves wrong correct it, but inaction is not the answer.  Step up or step aside, blaming others never worked and is not the answer now.  Accepting personal responsibility is the answer.  Independence is the answer.



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