What the elite are doing to this country at this time is akin to nonconsensual sodomy by force.  We are constantly and continually being told, “Keep your head down and your eyes closed” (Do not watch FOXnews or listen to talk radio; do not educate yourself).  “If you yell out I’ll hit you and beat you hard” (I’ll deem you racist and you’ll spend your time defending the false charge).  “This isn’t going to hurt a bit” (Your taxes will not go up – not any of them).  “When I’m finished, my friends will be next, one after another, until we are all exhausted” (TARP, stimulus, health care, endless bailouts)”.  “Depending on how long and how well you survive, more of my friends will come to take advantage of your compromised position.”  (We will saddle you with unlimited growth of the government and unending restrictions on your freedom.)

“When we’re finished with your body we’re going to go through your closet.”  (You had the audacity to work hard and earn more money than some other people.  You bought your clothes at Sacs and Nordstrom and Abercrombie & Fitch and Macy’s while others who chose not to work hard and advance themselves could only afford clothes from WalMart or even the Goodwill and Salvation Army thrift stores.)  “We’ll take your clothes and give them to the less fortunate.”  You must understand you don’t deserve to have more than other people do.

The elite in Washington D.C. and their mentors behind the curtain are the rapists.  The rest of us are the victims.  There will soon be no incentive to build business and hire employees.  The elite will take any profits for distribution throughout this country and the world until everybody is “equal”.

However, that equality can never happen because there will always be the elite few who are in charge of doling the benefits to whom they choose as recipients.  They will be the controllers of wealth, always taking their administrative fee off the top for their efforts.  They will continue to gain more wealth at the expense of the second-class citizens they overlord.

Who, in their right mind, can actually believe that the government can or will do a better job with the proceeds of individual citizens’ efforts than those citizens?  Who, of any ambition, would want to see their efforts diverted to others with few, little or no aspirations leaving little or nothing to share with choice?  At what point will everybody just give up and say to the government, “Feed me, clothe me, take care of me?”  Oh Lord will you buy me a Mercedes Benz?  My friends all drive Porsches, I must make amends. When that point comes, the decision to do so or not is in the hands of the elite.

Those not paying attention, those not concerned, simply have not had their pants ripped away…yet.  It is coming and it is coming fast.  Yes, there will be a few masochists allowing it to happen and perhaps even enjoy the domination.  Elimination is the only answer for the others among us.

Now is the time to choose.  Do you enjoy the rape?  Will you tolerate it or are you willing to do something to stop it?


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