Money laundering has always been associated with criminals and crime.  Today, in my view, it is no different…just redirected or redistributed if you will.

GM, aka Government Motors, which received massive amounts of bailout money from the tax payers, is using some of that money to make political donations.  You don’t have to be a member of MENSA to guess which party or which individuals are recipients of the largess.  Of course, it is the Democrat party.  In specific, the latest reporting says that the Congressional Black Caucus received $36,000.  The Congressional Black Caucus has always been associated with the Democrat Party though a handful of members allowed to join over the years are Republicans.

I’m no lawyer but this, to me, sure sounds like “quid pro quo” or giving something to get something.  The government takes money from the people and gives it to what was once a private industry under the guise that it’s “too big to fail”.  Then the federal government takes over the operations of the company, installing a taxpayer paid authority figure to lead the operations.  The company then takes some of the money and returns it to the very people who are channeling the dollars to them.

GM is the company that has recently produced an electric car that sells for +/- $41,000 and will transport an individual up to forty miles round trip on a charge.  This is a great use of taxpayer dollars if you want to go no further than walking distance.  However, doesn’t a power scooter go about the same distance for about a tenth of the money?  Moreover, most of them are sold to Medicare and given to the end recipient.  It would be cheaper and simpler to leave the Medicare funding in place to my thinking.

Additionally, the company now owned by the people of the United States and operated by a Czar unduly designated by the Messiah is taking taxpayer money out of the country (this is similar the illegal aliens who send billions of dollars to their home countries annually).  Yes, GM is using five hundred billion U.S. taxpayer dollars to build and start-up a manufacturing plant in Mexico.

Then we have Shore Bank in Chicago that is effectively a slush fund for community organizations involved with eco-projects.  In particular, they are promoters of green jobs and CAP and Trade.  This local bank that has been designated “too big to fail” is also owned and operated by Obama supporters and friends of the family.  The money is being used to buy carbon credits from third world countries, many of which are in Africa where there are no companies capable of producing excess carbon or have no environmental standards.  I’m sure I’m not the only one who views this as a wealth distribution scam against our struggling nation.

As with GM, a handsome percentage of the monies forwarded to Shore Bank are rerouted into campaign coffers for Democrats and the DNC.  Nevertheless, whether it is the DNC or the RNC or personal campaign contributions, it would still be considered embezzlement and money laundering and a federal felony if it were a private citizen performing the act(s).

Isn’t it time we transformed, reformed and restored the government “Of the people, by the people and for the people”?


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