The title to this rant is obviously plagiarized from the book title by Al Franken.  It’s applicable, just not original.

Listen to the words, watch the actions and believe the actions.  This is the only way to treat this administration.  We know that almost everything said short of “I will fundamentally transform this nation” has been a lie.  We know that too many guppies still believe the words and close their eyes to the actions that constitute truth.

For instance, we were told that the dumping of billions of dollars and the takeover of GM would be the only way the company would survive and again be viable.  The money would save or create thousands of jobs.  Now we have invested the money in a company building a plant in Mexico, saving or creating jobs out of our country because labor is cheaper without the union benefits paid to American workers.

Recently GM announced that they were able to produce a “green” car.  The new Volt is capable of transporting an individual or couple to and from the local 7-Eleven, but is certainly not going to be taken on the next vacation to the Grand Canyon.  Great use of dollars there!

We were told that if the Stimulus bill was passed, unemployment would be held at 8%.  Seven hundred and eighty-seven billion dollars later unemployment is in excess of 9.5% and job losses are continuing to exceed job starts by over a hundred thousand each month.  The most jobs created are under the federal government, creating a greater burden on us.

The same bill, we were told, would save the jobs of thousands of teachers, police and firefighters.  Now we are being told that states will surely have to lay off teachers without another $26.1 billion cash infusion from the American people.

The current president stated loudly and often during his campaign, “I can make a firm pledge.  Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase.  Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.”  Yet no matter what your income or income source, work or Welfare, everything you purchase is more costly because of taxes imposed on the manufacturer, distributor or retail outlet.

Soon, the tax rollbacks instituted during the last administration are going to sunset.  This I’m sure, will be denied as an increase and simply promoted as a return to the excess taxation of yore.  Not in so many words, though.

Congress, at the behest of the White House, continues to dump billions of dollars into the war in Afghanistan and the corrupt government therein that is most likely forwarding the money to the Taliban.  Stated that is a just and necessary war, more of our troops are being killed now, due to new rules of engagement than in the past 9+ years.

The Secretary of Homeland Security states and restates that borders are as secure as ever before yet we have more intrusions and killings along the border than ever before.

We have only 82 days left to identify whom we want representing us in congress.  I beg you to research the backgrounds of the candidates.  Don’t accept their words of campaign; find their past actions.  The actions will give a much more accurate indication of how the person will vote if elected than the words used to get elected.  Don’t vote for the party, vote for the person.


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