Obama is listening to the people.  When he makes decisions, they are his own based on what he hears the people want.  The problem is that he is only listening to the people who agree 100% with what he “feels” is right for him and us.

He listens to lobbyists, community organizers, radical reverends, Muslim leaders, Gay rights activists, pro-illegal immigration groups, environmentalists and the list goes on.  He has shown that he is anti-police, anti-military, anti-industry and anti-everything that has made this country great.

He also hears what the “We the People” voice.  If our want is diametrically opposed to the special interest groups he chooses to court, it confirms that his way will put us all in jeopardy and he can move forward.

The Mosque at 45-57 Park Place is an okay project.  The fact that Muslims are known to build Mosques at the sights of their major conquests has no bearing on the location.  The once-proposed ground breaking date of 9/11/11 (exactly 10 years post conquest) is simply coincidental.  The American people, and especially the families of the victims of 9/11, are simply racist for denying the fine and peaceful Hezbollah and Hamas supported Muslims the right to build a Mosque there.

The American public simply hasn’t had the time to realize how beneficial health care rationing can be for our country.  England is only relaxing their national stranglehold because they got it wrong.  Our plan, that mirrors theirs, will be much better.  Massachusetts got it wrong too.  Canada, Cuba, Venezuela…

Free enterprise needs government control and oversight.  Without it, there are too many financial classes; you’ve got the hard working wealthy, the hard working middle class and the deserving lazy and incompetent.  By controlling companies and keeping employment low, the wealthy become middle class and the former middle class is melded with the indigent and dependent.  The elite of government remain the only wealthy people, as it should be.

Taking earnings from the commoners for the elite and their friends, relatives and major supporters is necessary for the elite to remain powerful.  That way they can continue to make decisions that the commoners are too stupid to understand and extend stipends to those out of work and those who choose not to work.  It is the only way to prolong dependence on the government for generations.

Huge government and ridiculous taxation is the wave of the future and we should all get on the bandwagon before it leaves us behind.  If you really think that big government is the answer, you are welcome to make a huge personal donation to help.  Most of the rest of us don’t have any money left to give the government.

Please, whatever you do, please don’t vote to give any more of my money to those who only want to use it against me.  Obama is listening.  He is hearing our cries for mercy.  That’s how he knows he is doing the right thing…for him!


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