A lot of people are giving their all to identifying Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president based on his place of birth.  Others are concerned that he may be Muslim and not really the Christian that he claims.

The birth certificate is an excellent example of division and diversion.  It is rumored that Obama has spent over a million dollars of personal money (perhaps not his own, but not public funds either) to seal all files that could reveal his history.  Some individuals have been prosecuted for attempting to access those records.  While groups and individuals devote their attention to finding the truth, they cannot offer full diligence or thoughtfulness to current events that may be far more important.  Whether he is eligible or not, he is making major changes in America.  He is collapsing our foundations and systems and turning us rapidly into a third world Marxist dictatorship.

He has certainly shown an affinity for the ways of Islam and Muslims.  He was raised and schooled by radicals, Muslims, and radical Muslims.  He did change his claimed religious affiliation to Christian as he pursued elected office.  He joined the Trinity United Church of Christ while he was still too young to be accepted as an Illinois State Senator, but with the political goal in mind.  Establishing a Christian background allowed him to progress with his political future.  I personally believe it is a façade and he remains more influenced by his upbringing than his camouflage.

I, and many other people, have said over and over again that what Obama says is 180 degrees from his actions.  Obama claimed during his campaign to be a uniter not a divider.  As with most of his words, this too is false.  His entire intent for this nation is to divide us unmercifully so that the chaos can become a reason and excuse for greater government interference.

It has worked in congress.  There remain no more moderates in our legislative branch.  In just a few short months, Obama has managed to polarize congress by signing the most radical and unmanageable bills ever to land on a president’s desk.  He allows the majority in congress to dismiss each and every bill or amendment proposed by the minority then claim that there are no new workable ideas coming from the right.  When they vote against legislature that will saddle the American people with untold debt and little reward, Republicans are referred to as the “Party of No”.  The chasm is growing ever deeper and wider with each new piece of legislation.  It is done by design.

For the general population, those opposing the legislation or proposals because they appear to be contrary to the Constitution or against the better interests of the citizens, they are deemed racist.  The world is told that the only reason for resistance is that the president is black (half-black).  While it may be true that a few citizens exhibit racial bias, it is a generally false label intended to divert attention away from the issue at hand.  It also casts a cloud, not easily dispersed, that remains attached for future justifications.

The uniter is doing exactly what he intends.  He is parceling the country along lines of politics, race, religion, wealth, security and every way possible to accomplish the conquering of America so that this once great county might be replaced by a political system that is a greater failure than any republic in history.

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One Response to “DIVIDE AND CONQUER”

  1. sasoc Says:

    “…radicals, Muslims, and radical Muslims…”
    Now that is poetry (and of course true).


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