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September 26, 2010

In slightly more than one month, we will see a tremendous turnover of our elite employees.  Some pundits are suggesting that there may well be a change of guard in congress approaching 25% of the total elected.  For some of those people, losing their exalted positions might produce a psychological trauma akin to our warriors returning to civilization from the battlefield.  Known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or simply PTSD, the affect can be near caustic.

We must be compassionate and respect the feelings of the displaced elected elite this fall.  We, of course, should be caring for them with every election.  However, this turnover, we will be replacing a much larger number of well entrenched, long term, spenders of OPM (other people’s money).  Some have had access to the public trough for decades.  They may be so used to accessing what they consider unlimited funds for personal use that the trauma could be devastating to some.  Keep vigilant eyes on politicians returning to your home state.  Washington acceptable behavior might be carried over to normal society.  Things to look for might be excessive drinking (perhaps driving afterward), unreasonably extensive use of credit cards (including over-limit spending), and extreme arrogance and contempt for anyone outside the immediate circle and transition support team.

No longer will these displaced Americans have the opportunity to charge a $70 lunch of fresh lobster at the capital cafeteria to the taxpayers; they’ll have to pay for it themselves.  This will be the end of their ability and opportunity to submit an expense report for an eighty thousand dollar three day junket to Disney World for them self, twenty plus friends, relatives, and children.

While holding office they’ve been able to submit a three or four page report to justify reimbursement.  The report might be titled something like: “An Observation of the Inter-Personal Relationships between People from around the United States and Other Countries of the World”.  After rambling on for two to three pages about how Goofy and Mickey make the children of all countries laugh and how the excitement of the theme park actually calms adult nerves and allows acceptance of long lines and lengthy waits the report might concluded with “the study group consensually agreed that Disney World truly is the happiest place on earth”.

Unquestionably, many will remain on public payrolls in lesser capacities.  Nevertheless, many may be unable to make the adjustments and may even recognize the nationwide devastation in which they have participated.  Extreme depression could result.  In any case, recognize that this might be a life-changing experience and try to understand.  We must be compassionate and respect their defeat without laughing giddily.


September 24, 2010

So, here’s what your tax dollars are doing for you.  Remember the auto (read union) bailouts?  Well, it seems that Chrysler Motor Corporation received $50 billion of our dollars to help the company remain viable, or regain viability in the current economic environment.

While that sounds noble on the surface, the true reason for their loss of consumer product confidence may have surfaced.  According to the Chicago Tribune, Chrysler was forced to suspend a number of plant workers caught on video tape by a Detroit television station while drinking alcohol and smoking “what appeared to be” marijuana during scheduled breaks.

In any non-union work environment, these workers would have been fired on the spot for potentially endangering themselves and others by voluntarily lowering their cognitive capacity.  However, the unions that were bailed out with your earnings apparently condone, or at least accept this behavior and stand behind a temporary suspension rather than dismissal of the workers.  Product reliability at Chrysler is dependent upon the chemically impaired thought and motor skills of their union organized workers.

I will continue to purchase American products whenever offered.  But, just like avoiding products made in China, I will now begin a diligent effort to “look for the union label” and question whether to buy from companies that care naught for their employees’ safety or the quality of the products produced by potentially impaired assemblers.


September 10, 2010

Barack Obama has been shouting and touting fundamental reformation since he hit the campaign trail in early 2007.  He is and was right that the country needs fundamental reformation.  Unfortunately, like so many other things he has done and proposed, he’s gotten it wrong.  It’s not the financial infrastructure that needs realignment and it’s not the business world that needs revamping.  What most needs rectification is the government itself.

Yes, the government under Barack Obama’s short stint in the White House has changed dramatically.  It has grown monstrously obese.  The changes made actually constitute little more than an acceleration of the missteps and ills that have been taking place for decades.  The governing bodies and administration are moving in the wrong direction, and moving with a haste that will surely cause the collapse of what was once the greatest and most respected country in the world.

Yes, I said it and I meant it.  There is and will be no apology; it is stated with honesty and without arrogance.  We truly were, just a few administrations ago, the world leader in human rights, math, science, technology, innovation, individual opportunity and prosperity and virtually every aspect of personal human enhancement.  Were we, as a nation perfect in every, or even any, way?  No, but we always strived for it recognizing that perfection would never come.  Reaching for high goals always demands higher standards.

All was working well until the government stepped in to help the unfocused and indigent.  It started with a Social Security program that was never expected to provide security.  It continued with Welfare.  Presented as a stop-gap measure to get people back on their feet after rough periods, it truly was meant to ensnare the lazy and care-for-naughts.  Welfare has achieved its goal.  Unions also helped provide an unwarranted and illogical security and invulnerability to member workers, but in the beginning, they were not owned and operated by the government.

The problem with our legislative and executive bodies today, as I see it, is that they are no longer governing or managing; they are usurping authority and demandingly controlling.  Any manager worthy of the title knows that the best way to manage is to identify the goal, suggest a way of reaching it, then get out of the way and let the most competent people do the job.  This administration has no management experience and hence is attempting to micromanage every aspect of American life.  It simply won’t work.  In fact, there is almost no first-hand private sector knowledge for the businesses and industries they are micromanaging.  Virtually every member has lived their entire working life on public funds, including President Obama.

Our legislators are so entrenched with decades of elite authority that many have become arrogant and aloof.  They make laws to benefit themselves and constrain innovation and education for purposes of political correctness and continued power and control over the masses.

The corrupt Chicago political machine has arrived in D.C. and is running out of control with loose tolerances and broken parts.  It must be stopped by replacing the old, worn components with fresh new ones and a periodic replacement schedule must be drawn up and followed.  Maintenance of our government is certainly no less important than changing the oil in our cars.  It must be done to keep the engine running smoothly and not allowing it to be damaged by dirt, filth and corruption.  Regular maintenance is required if we expect either our cars or government to perform as designed.

Vote wisely in November and be sure to inspect the various cogs in our government gear train for damage.  Replace them before they cause irreparable damage.


September 10, 2010

Once America was considered a powerful military might that rogue countries thought twice about engaging.  Today we are “a farce of weakened clout”.  The latest round of Koran (Quran) v. Mosque tells me that there is no longer any respect for our leadership.

If we try to delay or delete the Mosque that is scheduled to be built within shouting distance of Ground Zero, it will excite Muslims around the world: it will be used as a recruiting tool and Christians of the world will suffer many horrible deaths.  If an idle brained pastor holds a Koran burning ceremony on the 9th anniversary of the greatest attack on Americans on American soil in our history, it will excite Muslims around the world: it will be used as a recruiting tool and Christians of the world will suffer many horrible deaths.  If we initiate contact on the battle field Muslims will use the aggression as a recruiting tool and Christians of the world will suffer many horrible deaths.

America, bow and show respect to your enemies.  Americans of all faiths and religions are to stand down and allow Muslims to have their way or Muslims around the globe will use the resistance as a recruiting tool and Christians of the world will suffer many horrible deaths.  We have become America the Cowardly.

Just as our government has made many U.S. citizens dependent upon it for life support, nations around the world also expect us to step in with support when they are threatened.  Unfortunately, while we send troops to help, they no longer have the ability to end the threat.  They can only timidly defend themselves against the threat.  I mean no dishonor to the troops who are valiant and worthy of any opponent.  They are now throttled by political correctness and intimidation of potential violence escalation.

There is no excuse for Pastor Terry Jones seizing media attention through an outrageously insolent act.  He should be, and has been, condemned by every clear-thinking human in the United States.  However, we should not allow the religion of peace to intimidate through use of deadly force and dictate what we say and how we say it.  If there is any way possible that radical Muslims can profess to be offended by our words or actions, they will cause violent death to Americans and/or Christians in retaliation.  They seek the opportunity to declare indignation.  So we are tolerant of the radical element of their religion because if we are not we might be killed.

The idiot Islamic jihadists will kill as many Americans and Christians around the globe as humanly possible just because they can.  The only question is, “When will they try”.  Showing weakness will only bring them sooner and stronger as they eliminate a fallen prey.


September 7, 2010

As a last ditch attempt to save their majority, Democrats in congress are now contemplating some tax credits for businesses.  Great idea if you look at the attempt with both eyes closed.

The credits will only offset the tax increases that have recently been imposed, or are proposed for businesses.  And only some businesses will get the credits, those doing research and development under government grants, for example.  How cool is this!  They won’t have to pay taxes on the taxes they’re spending on research and development. This is supposed to stimulate the economy.  It may add some temporary numbers to spending, but that spending is not sustainable and will end with the grant money.

Follow the bouncing ball here, if you can.  Congress is going to borrow more money from the American people, adding another $100 billion to the national deficit which will be transferred to the debt at the end of the fiscal year.  I realize that they say that will not happen, but what that they have said has been true?  When it came to offsetting some of the costs of Obamacare, they took $529 billion from Medicare.  They took from a government run health care program to pay for a government run health care program and claimed it was a savings.  Even the CBO is now saying that there will be no savings in health care.  They are projecting an additional budget shortfall in spite of increased costs to the citizens for the program.

Before that $100 billion spending plan is set into play, there will be a $50 billion allocation to transportation infrastructure.  To help pay for the expenditure, the proposal will grab some money from the transportation supporting industries like oil and gas companies.  Can you see your costs rising?  It will now cost you more to get to and from your job that is paying less than it did because you are working fewer hours.  But then that was a campaign promise that no one chose to hear: “Under my Cap and Trade plan your energy costs will necessarily skyrocket”.  T minus 10…9…8…

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis said the plan Obama was to unveil Monday would “put construction workers, welders, electricians back to work … folks that have been unemployed for a long time.”  What she fails to say is that once the money runs out, they will again be unemployed just like the census workers when that project ended.  However, it may make the unemployment numbers look a bit better through the elections of 2012.  Could that be a plan?

What they tell us they are doing is one thing.  Reality is something quite different.  You cannot spend your way out of debt!  Life doesn’t work that way.  When you’re broke, you can only spend your way into debt, or greater debt.  Spending by the government does not, never did and never will create prosperity for anyone except those directly associated with the government.  It is a burden on everyone else.

Hey, go buy that new car today before the price goes up to offset the additional manufacturing cost.  But get a fuel efficient model because oil and gas prices are doomed to rise and you’ll have to save as much as possible to make the payments.  Your job may be the next one that’s cut.