Obama is our first black president.  I certainly hope that he hasn’t ruined all chances for other candidates of all ethnic backgrounds.  He has divided this country racially, economically and politically like no man before him.  It appears he is trying to create turmoil and violence.  He has spent or obligated more money than any previous president, and in less time.  He has made decisions based on little other than political partisanship and he has grown the government to an unsustainable level.  He has disgraced himself and our nation.

Since the founding of this great nation we have had nothing but round-eyed white guys in charge.  It was time for that to change long, long ago.  But Obama’s radical policies, constant cries of racism and blaming everyone else for his own lack of ability have very possibly damaged the dreams of anyone other than round-eyed white guys achieving the highest office of the land for at least the near future.  The collective thought, no matter how wrong, could be, “Well we tried.  It didn’t benefit us to be so gracious, so let’s not try that again”.  It would be very unfortunate for that to happen, but it could.

If only…if only people had heard his words and questioned how he would accomplish so much and pay for so many costly new programs without raising taxes, maybe we could be better off.  Perhaps instead of being enamored by tall, slender, good looking black man who reads well off a Teleprompter, someone had asked why it was necessary to fundamentally transform America, we wouldn’t have the problems we do now.  Even if somebody, anybody, had publicly asked him what made him think he was qualified to run a country when he had not been challenged by any command, of any size, in his entire life, it would have helped.  Instead of swooning like co-eds at an Elvis concert, if some intelligence had been used during the 2008 election cycle, things could be much better today.

We can only hope that the American people will see President Obama not as a representative of blacks, people of color or the nation as a whole.  He is not.  We can remind one another that he is, as and of himself, an arrogant individual who loathes the country which he presently heads and has no caring or respect for any person that cannot add an assurgent dimension to his personal life.  He should not be considered the first black president; he should be called the first antithesis of U.S. presidency and in my opinion he should be tried for treason.

Do not let this man stand in the way of good men and women seeking to lead this nation!  Know the candidates and vote wisely in November and every election.  Be extra vigilant in 2012!  No longer can we afford to ‘vote for the party’, we must vote for the individuals who will best represent the people of our city, county, state and nation.


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