Your taxes did not go up!  In a back yard rally in Des Moines, Iowa recently, President Barack Obama took his cue from one of the now famous lines of the Clinton handbook.  Obama looked straight at his audience and said, “Your taxes haven’t gone up in this administration.  Your taxes have gone down in this administration.  There’s a notion that, well, he’s a Democrat so your taxes must have gone up.  That’s just not true.”

His statement is not unlike Clinton’s finger-pointing lie to the American public, “I…did…not…have…sex…with…that…woman…Ms. Lewinski.”

I’m certain the small business owner to whom he was responding was caught off guard by the bold faced reversal of truth.  Otherwise, he might have come back with something like, “If that’s the case, why does everything—everything cost more now.  Why does gasoline, propane, electricity, telephone service, beer, liquor, cigarettes, fast food, candy bars and soda cost more in this time of recession?  Why do tires, vacuum cleaners, computers, Internet connections take more money out of consumers’ pockets in spite of the fact that retailers and other vendors are reducing their profit margin just to remain in business?”

You might ask yourself if your money is going as far as it did just a couple of years ago.  Once you have that answer, question why it doesn’t.  Rich or poor, if you live in America, your money is being taken for redistribution to others.  The taking is not always as obvious as fewer spendable dollars on your paycheck (if you still get one).  The theft of your income may begin as soon as you spend some of the post-tax remainder of that paycheck.  Even those on Welfare, disability, Social Security, unemployment and other government dole programs will have proportionately less because of the increased behind-the-scenes governmental appropriation.

Help reduce government spending, growth and retake your lost freedoms by voting every incumbent, (Republican, Democrat, Independent), out of office next month.  Then, every election cycle be aware of the truth surrounding your elected officials.  Don’t accept what they say, verify it.  If they cannot tell the truth about what they’ve accomplished; if they are unwilling to do what they promise, that should be reason enough to replace them.  Remember that your taxes haven’t gone up in this administration when it come time to vote in 2012.


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