Once again, I would like to caution everyone in this country about our current Liar-in-Chief.  Please, do and expect everything opposite of what this man says.  You might remember that during his campaign for president, he stated that he wanted to bring the people of the country together.  He has, in fact, done just the opposite.  He has polarized every group, faction and segment of our society for supreme control over the will of the people.

He and his minions or underlings have pitted blacks against whites (primarily) by proclaiming every objection to his political agenda is founded on racism.  There is no credence given to the fact that some of the policies are too radical and out of touch with mainstream Americans for comprehension by economists or constitutional scholars much less by the electorate.  Racism seems to be a preferred diversion so that legislation can be passed, unnoticed, until after-the-fact.

He has divided the have little from the have lots by proclaiming that the wealthy are evil and want to oppress the working person.  The wealthy, and some not so wealthy, do not pay their fair share, he says.  They must pay more!

Suggestions offered to equalize taxation across the board are summarily dismissed.  What would be unequal about everyone paying, say…20% of their income?  That way, Working Joe making $3,000 a month would remit $600/month or $7,200 per year to the government.  By the same formula, Insanely Productive Walter who makes $8 million a year would contribute $1.6 million.  Wouldn’t that be fair?  When Joe gets a raise, he is allowed to keep 80% of it, as does Walter.  Of course, equity would mandate that Welfare payments and benefits to Couch Sitting Sally be reduced by the same 20%…to be fair.

What would be wrong with the government cutting back on spending and abbreviating waste, fraud and corruption within their own ranks?  That would allow for an overall reduction of individual obligation and collaboration toward that waste, fraud and corruption.

As president, Obama has widened the gap of perception between citizens and illegal aliens, Christians and Muslims, England and the U.S., rich and poor, blacks and whites, straights and gays, Democrats and Republicans, liberals and conservatives, industry and ecologists.  He has maximized the paradigm “divide and conquer”.  He does not intend to unite anything other than believers and followers of his agenda.


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