An article by Gregory Korte, in USA TODAY, covers money unaccounted for in the Stimulus package.  Korte credits website as the source of his information.

According to the article, there are 352 recipients of our tax dollars who show so little respect for rules and American public that the federal agencies have not reported how and where they have used the money.  There is no mention of discipline for not reporting the use or misuse of $162.8 million.  Some offenders have not reported for two quarterly periods, and a few for three now, which should cause even the average high school graduate to question why.

The biggest offenders are the Dept. of Agriculture, Dept. of Health and Human Services and the General Services Administration. makes light of the fact that the unaccounted funds make up less than 1% of the overall stimulus distribution to date.  They acknowledge that only one of the thirty-two repeat offenders has been suspended from further grants.

Perhaps $162.8 million is a small sum proportionate to the overall size of the stimulus package, but to most of us, it is substantial.  Since the federal government has grown by over a hundred thousand employees in the past two years, I would expect that there would be more people to oversee and put pressure on the offenders.  After all, there are now 2,000 additional IRS auditors ready to pounce on Joe Sixpack for not reporting $800 in income on his form 1040.

I understand that with government there will always be unseen pocket stuffing and shuffling of citizens’ money.  I just think there should be greater concern on behalf of those we entrust with it.  The missing money from this one bill is just a small piece of the overall government pie.  It amounts to about a mere $.50 in tax money for every individual (legal and illegal, man, woman, child, infant and possibly fetus as well) in the United States presently.

Where is the outrage?  I should think that working people would be upset about paying fifty-cents here, a dollar or five there in taxes to be misspent.  A dollar or a few from every paycheck that is appropriated and misused by the government could well go to making that mortgage payment or rent payment or utility payment if it was left in the hands of those who earned it.  Even Welfare recipients might feel ravished.  That’s money taken from others that would be going to them.

Apparently, no one is watching and very few people care even when they are told.  A dollar here, a freedom there and we blindly accept it.  The elite take large bites of the pie macerate what they want and leave the crumbs and morsels falling from their lips for the serfs.  “Ah, who cares?  Others live under socialist, Marxist and communist dictatorships”.


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