With politicians, especially progressive liberals, it is always more and greater spending.  The only way possible to continue spending and expand the spending base is to tax the citizens an equal or greater amount than is projected to be spent.  That’s the way government, at any level, works.

Here in California we are asked to vote on a number of issues next month that involve raising our own taxes (taking more one out of our now empty and deflated pockets to give to legislators to use while writing more laws to spend more money).  One such issue is Prop 21.

Prop. 21, on the surface, sounds to be a good cause.  As written in the General Election Guide:  “Proposition 21 establishes $18 annual vehicle license surcharge to help fund state parks and wildlife programs.  Grants surcharged vehicles free admission to all state parks.”

The accompanying gobbledygook describes the estimated $500 million in additional state revenues ‘trust fund’ and reviews the projected allocation across the various State Park and wildlife programs.  The write-up, of course, includes the pros and cons of the surcharge.  It goes into how the state has had to cut back on spending to maintain the state’s natural resources, making them less available to residents and tourists alike.  The legislative double-speak incorporated in the bill that is not boldly announced to be easily overlooked by the casual voter, also allows for other and additional fees, surcharges and tolls to take place within the parks to produce even more revenue for the state.

Most idiots in this state will undoubtedly be thinking along the lines, “Wow, free entrance to the California State parks when driving a vehicle licensed in California.  And, it will only cost me $18 per year.  Most of the parks now charge between $5 and $15 for day use.  If I use a State Park only three times in a year, I’ll be saving money.  I’ll vote YES on Prop 21!”

The deceptive presentation of this proposition, as with most offerings from all state and federal legislative bodies, is once again asking us to condone the fiscal irresponsibility of our elected elite.  Once again, there is no mention of Sacramento firing any of the bureaucratic deadwood to offset the budget deficit.  There is no mention of the State Assembly or Senate rolling back their pay to reflect the state’s economic downturn.  There is only the opportunity for the drivers of registered vehicles to increase the amount they return to the state out of their unemployment checks.

What the idiot elite fail to recognize publicly is the number of people who have never been inside a State Park who will feel obligated to do so because they are now paying for the privilege.  They are undoubtedly the same people who will leave more trash and physical destruction burdening maintenance costs.  Then there will be need to raise more revenue due to the increased volume of park usage.

In the past two years, California has raised the cost of vehicle registration by 57%.  Now they want to raise it more.

Please use this example as a guide as you pass judgment on the merit of your propositions and the elected officials proposing them.  Your state and your country needs legislative reform: the legislators as well as the legislation are in serious need of amelioration.


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