“Hey…you, yes you Mr. American citizen, here’s yet another nose/thumb wave for you!  While you continue to beg the government for handout dollars, unemployment extensions, Welfare payments and other gimme programs ’cause I’ve destroyed the job market for you, I’ll be off on a trip around the world that will be costing you in the neighborhood of a mere two hundred million dollars a day.”

“Don’t think even for a minute that you might be left out.  You will be privy to news, videos and photos of my vacation ’cause I am taking a buncha socialist-friendly, left wing pseudo journalists with me.  They’ll tell you what I want you to know.  In fact, I’ll be taking about 3,000 of my closest friends, relatives, political donors and an army of security personnel (’cause I’m special).  There will also be a few of those pesky military folks to help with my security.”

Obama is off for India.  For what purpose, the American people may never really know.  What we do know is that though Hindu is the most popular religion in India, it also is home to the world’s third largest Muslim population.  From India he is headed to Indonesia to visit the Istiqlal Mosque.  The Istiqlal Mosque is the world’s largest and most powerful Mosque.  Indonesia also boasts the world’s largest per capita Muslim population.  They can, and do, command and control homicide bombers and terrorist activities throughout the Pacific and much of Asia from that region.

Obama will undoubtedly be apologizing to the most powerful Muslims of the world for America’s insolence.  He will unquestionably ask for forgiveness and promise an America that will be more submissive and accepting of future Sharia dominance.

“In addition to my friends and family (who will take up to 800 rooms in the most lavish hotels of the regions) I have requisitioned 34 warships from our Navy to escort us along the way.  The escort will include at least one aircraft carrier replete with support planes, helicopters, shops, dining, hospital, etc. (read: veritable combat capable city afloat).”

“In the interest of global greening, I will be taking a squadron of cars, SUVs and Obamasines (Presidential limousines) with me, via my own (your) mini air force.  We know average gasoline mileage of our vehicles and can’t chance enlarging our carbon footprint.  The Obamasines average .3 mpg in a motorcade and the heavily armed, armored and manned SUVs get about 5-7 mpg.”

“Be sure to follow me by reading the Huffington Post and watching MSNBC.  They’ll give you all the news I want you to hear.  But stay away from FOXnews, ’cause they’ll say different things.”

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