By definition, “liberal” has a meaning equivalent to altruistic, beneficent, benevolent, tolerant, bighearted, charitable, munificent, philanthropic or unselfish.

What has happened to the meaning of this word over the past century?  Today the distortion of vocabulary has turned the meaning of the word, liberal, from “me” to “us” or from “I” to “we”.  It has been taken from the individual to societal and completely disregards personal actions or meanings.

Examples of point:

Liberals espouse and promote that the best thing anybody can do is help the less fortunate.  We should all be proud Americans, pay our taxes and quit complaining because our taxes benefit the needy.  Yet the same people, as individuals, will tip a good and attentive waiter or waitress a dollar tip for a $15.00 meal.  Wait persons earn less than minimum wage and their livelihood is tip dependent.

Conservatives, on the other hand, generally tip a minimum of 15% as a courtesy for average service and perhaps as much as 30% – 50% of the bill for outstanding service.

(I have dined with liberals and relatives who, when seeing the tip on the table for my meal, leave none of their own.  I have also, personally, put cash in the folder for a meal and tip only to have a very liberal friend scoop it up, put the meal for four persons on a credit card and include less money for a tip than the cash amount left for my wife and myself.)

I’m not suggesting, by any means, that we should throw away our hard earned money on bad restaurant service.  I am, however, trying to help liberals understand that they are not true to what they profess.

Liberals as a collective will vote to help the downtrodden with OPM, but individually contribute about 30% as much to charitable organizations as do conservatives.  (I, personally, do not recall ever seeing a liberal give a street person any money, not even pocket change.  Instead, they take a wide detour around the needy being.)

In order to save the planet, liberals (ELF in particular) have been known to burn SUVs at dealerships releasing more toxins and CO2 into the air than the offending vehicles would ever create during their expected lifetimes.  They have also been involved in burning housing projects in forested areas to protest tree removal.  More than once, the fires spread to devastate hundreds of acres of beloved forest.

Al Gore once had a seven vehicle motorcade made up of SUVs and limousines take him two blocks for a promotional presentation of his film “An Inconvenient Truth”.  His private jet is said to spew more CO2 in 500 miles than fifty two-car families produce in a year.  He also, as Vice President, reportedly contributed less than $400 to charity out of his millions of dollars.

Democratic vice presidential candidate Joe Biden and his wife gave an average of $369 a year to charity during the decade preceding his VP nomination, according to his released tax records.

Liberal or conservative, no one follows the definition100%.  However, when it comes to tolerance, the anger and violence generated by liberals far outweighs anything by conservatives.  If you question that last statement, watch a tape of the MSNBC reporting on the most recent elections.  I saw nothing but name whining, name calling, finger pointing, grousing blaming and even a couple of disguised threats.


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