Tuesday, November 2, 2010 was a major wake-up call for our elected officials and for many American voters as well.  It was the first of what should be many attention grabbing elections.  It told our elected elite that we really are paying attention and it told many voters that they do have a say in our what our government entities do and how they act.

Most of us in the private sector would have lost our jobs a year ago if we pulled the same %#$&@* on our employers as did congress on the American people.  Their performance evaluations showing 11%-15% job approval, constitute what most of us call warnings.  After performance evaluations/warnings were given on a quarterly basis during the past two year period with no improvement, it meant their employer, “We the People” had to fire them.  And they’re shocked!

Some of the ousted elite are requesting, and receiving, grief counseling – again on the taxpayer dime.  It’s not as if they lost a child or a spouse or even a beloved pet.  They lost a job they refused to do properly even after being shown the correct way to please the boss.  For many of them, bilking the public is the only thing they know.  It has been decades since truly having to apply for a position for too many of them.  They have been able to retain their jobs by glad-handing and giving stuff away in exchange for campaign donations.

Campaign donations are nothing more than money solicited by glad-handing and promising to give stuff away when elected.  The campaigns themselves are nothing more than smiles and lies about how the individual is going to do more or better; to be different and make a difference.  As soon as the campaign is over they can settle back in the big leather chairs, begin soliciting campaign donations for the next election and collecting payment from special interest groups that want every thing to remain the unchanged.

The only bad thing about the turnover of employees is that we have to continue paying the poor performers for the rest of their natural, and even unnatural, lives.  In some cases, the surviving spouse continues to receive payment after the death of an elected criminal.  We have to pay even if they only held office for two years!  They set up their pay and retirement this way.  We allowed it to happen by not paying attention and not caring.  So really, who’s to blame?

Is it any wonder why so many cities, counties, states are at the brink of bankruptcy?

Hey, if we didn’t get it right this time folks, we will have another opportunity to do so in 2012, 2014, 2016, and every two years thereafter.  Let’s show our elected representatives who is the real boss.  That goes for local, county, state and federal positions.  We have to let them know that they are on probation for the first term, they are being performance evaluated constantly and that they are holding temporary positions.

They are hired to serve us, not them, and not their cronies and big donors.  And, no whining when they lose the job they chose not to do properly from the beginning.


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