Homeland Security is no longer a security agency.  It is a privacy invasive government entity.

While there is tremendous debate about the TSA X-Ray vs. physical molestation, our border with Mexico remains an open door for kidnapping, drug, arms and human smuggling.  TSA will man-handle anyone (other than Muslim) who refuses to pass through the X-Ray screening at airports to save lives.  Yet, administrative admonishing and disciplining Border Patrol and ICE agents for asking a person’s nationality or requesting authorization to be in the country is a regular occurrence.

TSA can save 200-500 lives by keeping someone from blowing up a passenger plane, but aliens from “countries of interest” such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen, to name a few, are subversively infiltrating the U.S. by the thousands annually; crossing a border that is effectively unguarded.  Any of the invaders could be carrying nuclear components or completed devices with potential to annihilate entire cities or perhaps render hundreds of square miles uninhabitable for decades.

During the spring of 2010, Homeland Security put up signs warning American citizens and tourists about the potential dangers of enjoying the natural flora and fauna of our Southwestern desert park areas known for smuggling and violence.  Memos and directives advised federal law enforcement agents to patrol the areas “selectively”.  Meanwhile, TSA agents are encouraged to feel up twelve year old girls who refuse X-Ray scanning before boarding an airplane.

Our government is willing to hire another 16,500 IRS agents to scrutinize income taxes, garnish wages, seize bank accounts, credit lines, etc. to pay for a national health care plan that few want.  However, that same government is unwilling to protect the same citizens from terrorists invading our country by foot or overland vehicles.

There is no suggestion here that TSA should not take proper precautions to protect airline passengers.  What we have currently will shut down the airlines though, and there may be a greater threat that is not receiving its due attention.

Hear the conversation, in a foreign language:  “Hey, if we cross into the U.S. near El Paso then hop a train to Chicago we can set this thing off and kill thousands of infidels.  They’ll never think about 9/11 again”.


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