Recent news relates many stories about people complaining that the alternative screening at airports would be considered molestation or sexual assault if it were done by any one other than a government employee.  One after another, in various parts of the country and at many airports, passengers say that TSA is abusive or oversteps the guidelines of reasonable searches or pat downs.

I have to question, knowing how the progressive movement will “end-run” an issue; force it through looking like something other than it is, if this action isn’t meant to be.  We know that there is a lot of controversy about gays serving openly in the military.  They can serve, they just can’t approach, fondle or advance sexually on fellow service members.

Could this be the way to allow them to serve their country openly and shamelessly?  Is this a way for the president to appease or reward his gay constituency for their patience and understanding?  As alternative screeners for TSA they can touch, handle, fondle the breasts and genitals of same sex passengers – get paid for it and be defended for so doing!

“Don’t worry about the accusations, agent.  And yes, you can take another twenty minute shower break now.  Be sure to wash the smile off your face.”

Progressivism – You’ve got to keep your eyes open and question the motives of every move and statement.  Otherwise, “We may have to “pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it”.  Then We the People have to fight to reverse the wrongs foisted upon us after they passed the unread bill.


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