The son of Rep. John Conyers, House Judiciary Committee chairman, reported a vehicle break in to Detroit police.  John Conyers III identified a loss of two Apple MacBooks and $27,000 worth of Fillmore concert tickets that were missing after the Cadillac Escalade belonging to the 14th Congressional District in Michigan.  The Escalade and MacBooks are property of the U.S. Government for use by, and only by, the government employee to which they are assigned.

Follow this now – Congressman Conyers is the House Judiciary Committee chairman.  John Conyers III, the 20 year old son of Congressman Conyers, not the congressman, was in possession of the government owned vehicle and laptops at the time of the incident.  He was not authorized to be in said possession.  Congressman Conyers claims he had no knowledge of the use by his son. Does this constitute theft?

From the GSA website – http://www.gsa.gov/portal/content/103321 emphasis has been added to bullet point 4.

1.  May I use a Government motor vehicle?

  • A Government vehicle may be used for official purposes to perform your agency’s mission, as authorized by your agency (see FMR § 102-34.220).  Any incidental use of a Government vehicle must be authorized by each agency.
  • You may not use a Government vehicle for transportation between your residence and place of employment unless that transportation has been approved in writing by your agency head (see FMR § 102-34.225).  The agency head may not delegate this authority (see FMR § 102-5.40).
  • Your agency is responsible for making the determination to authorize non-Federal individuals to accompany you in a Government vehicle.
  • If an employee willfully uses, or authorizes the use of, a motor vehicle for other than official purposes, the employee is subject to suspension of at least one month or, up to and including, removal by the head of the agency (see FMR § 102-34.240). Think that’ll happen? Did I mention that Rep. Conyers is the House Judiciary Committee chairman?

How many of our elected elite have so little respect for their constituents that they allow friends and family to drive the cars that you and I bought and provide gasoline and maintenance service for on a regular basis?  This time one got caught.  

The whole family seems to be corrupt and uncaring about responsibility and integrity.  Monica Conyers, wife of the Congressman and mother of John Conyers III is currently serving time in a federal prison for corruption and bribery while she was a Detroit City Council member.  Aside from that, according to reports, she also helped her brother, a convicted felon, falsify his resume to get a job with the City of Detroit.

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