Googlement – the partnership of a once independent business with the federal government in order to provide a one way sharing of private information.

Google will soon release a new operating system called Google Chrome.  The neat thing about it is that it won’t take up any space on your hard drive.  In fact, it will eliminate the need for the hard drive you have now.  There won’t even be a need for replacing your hard drive with a, or some, memory chip(s).  All of your files, programs, applications and data will be stored in cloud based servers.

Currently there are cloud based offerings available.  Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble eBook readers allow one to read books without suffering papercuts from page turning.  The devices allow you to access books by connecting online with the data server warehousing the electronic text.  TIVo and DVR devices also allow you to view and review broadcast programs or movies at your leisure, not necessarily when they are first broadcast.

The future seems to be allowing someone else to possess and control information that you would like to access.  In today’s world, many people readily relinquish their freedom and responsibility for immediate access, no matter what the cost or consequence.

We already use cloud based email.  Your private email may very well not be private at all.  If you are using G-mail, Hotmail, Yahoo or many other “free” email providers you have already given over your privacy to a bunch of pimply-faced 20-somethings who can read what you have said and giggle at what a nit-wit you and your friends are.

Whispering in the classroom about that ninny Martha is politically incorrect; if texted, it could have the FBI breathing down your neck as soon as you hit send.

With a cloud OS for your computer, anything you write in MSWord or Open Office or any spreadsheet created will be stored, not by you on your computer but at a data storage facility perhaps next door to you, but more likely in some far off and exotic third world country where Habjinajid Faronquian is the one securing your privacy.  However, your access device can be smaller and lighter.  Just when you thought Wikileaks had access to too much classified information, that picture of your girlfriend’s butt with the tattoo of Zac Efron will be an international highlight.

And all that is just the light and simple stuff.  I find it quite shocking that this introduction is made mere days after FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski announced his plans for net neutrality and only a short time after warrantless internet taps were approved.  It all seems to be a way of warehousing all the information the government or anyone else can possibly ever want to access in one convenient place.  Obamacare already has provisions to access your bank account.  Soon you can’t even keep a digital record of how much money you have stored in the Folgers can buried in the back yard and expect to be the only one with access to that.

If there’s ever a system crash with cloud computing, you can always call the White House for a backup of your information.  They can even send a hard copy of it to your door; they’ll just follow the GPS broadcast from your phone.


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