I won’t bother referencing to former foreign regimes, but this ‘If You See Something, Say Something’ campaign recently launched by DHS is a bit over the top and completely un-American.  Soon we will have kids reporting mom and dad for smoking.  While this is an indecent and uncaring thing for mom or dad to do, it’s not worthy of involving the federal government.  This is only a continued forward step to complete freedom removal.  This is nothing more than a way of accumulating more information about each citizen that can be used against us when the time is deemed right.

We the People are either giving our rights to the government or allowing them to take our freedoms from us.  Each day, we are exposed to some other way the federal government is intruding on our lives.  Gun control is almost a valid argument if you ignore statistics by the FBI and many other law enforcement agencies that say armed citizens prevent more crime than they create.  The following references relatively compare the number of legal firearm purchases to crime.  Many other web sites also confirm the statistics, as well.



Virtually every celebrity shouting for gun control travels with an armed entourage.  That includes elected officials as well as rock stars, film personalities and the otherwise extremely wealthy.  The elite and wealthy want to restrict your freedoms but want to be protected by the same weapons banned to the commoners.

This administration (though it’s been coming for years-decades) is pushing harder and faster for neighbors to report misdeeds of neighbors and children to rat on their parents.  They are delving into our privacy by monitoring credit card purchases, internet searches, voice, text and email conversations.  The government can, and in too many cases is, tracking your where-about through the GPS in your car or cell phone.  Search warrants – items of days gone by.  Wire taps are warranted by want but not judicial process.

Congress continues to pass legislation that no one has read.  The party in power keeps the minority party in the dark about their dealings until time to vote on new laws.  They are spending our children’s and grandchildren’ money faster than the GAO can identify.  The spending is now all deficits and the debt is growing rapidly only so they can justify a need for higher taxes and restrict our independence and autonomy even more.

Loss of freedom?  It began with the progressive movement in the early 1900s at the time of the Tin Lizzy and is moving at the speed of a bullet train now.  Welcome to the 21st century.  As Europe and the U.K. turn to a more capitalist economic system, the United States is going the opposite direction.  We, however, are headed for a much stronger government with less input from the citizens.  Executive mandates and authority now bypass congress almost as frequently as congress has input.  Czars are appointed and bureaucracies created during congressional recesses to avoid the need for their votes.  This is the way dictatorships and oligarchies are formed.

Our leaders are silently endorsing public complacency and acceptance by destroying the job creating environment and underwriting individual subsistence with Welfare and continued and extended unemployment payments.  If the American public awakens to the life they are being destined by Washington D.C., it may become necessary to defend ourselves against the final stages of takeover.  And that, boys and girls, is exactly why they want to take away our defense weapons before you wake up.


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