The United States is currently experiencing Dictatorial Anarchy.  That not only sounds like a contradiction, it is.  Nonetheless, it’s what we have.  The elite today make rules then choose which to follow personally and which are not in the best interest of themselves.  We no longer have a government, what we have is a body of absolute authority and indiscretion.

Obama has now made a total of 24 recess appointments (that is an average of 2 per month for his term in office).  Others have made more and some many more, but none have waited and done so explicitly to skirt congressional vetting, debate and confirmation.  The authority granted to exercise cabinet, and judicial appointments was originally meant for emergency and crisis situations when potentially lengthy congressional debate might have a detrimental affect on the nation.

As a nation, we have defined borders.  Those borders are meant to identify the extent of land and peoples contributing to the welfare of the nation.  They also distinguish who is to receive benefits offered by the citizens of the land and who is governed by our three-branch government.  The Attorney General has fought Arizona for attempting to enforce existing federal laws that the Department of Homeland Security refuses to enforce.  The lack of federal enforcement is costing the citizens of that state, and many others, billions of dollars and dividing resource availability.  Our government now welcomes illegal aliens, and in some instances (e.g. in-state tuition to colleges and universities) treats them with greater respect and accommodations than are our citizens.

The President abuses executive powers by appointing jesters to ranking positions in his court at times when very few are looking and no one is around to stop him.  He puts radical friends and donors onto the federal payroll, funded by you and me, during congressional recesses.  Case in point:  The recent appointment of deputy Attorney General, James Cole.  Cole has expressed a viewpoint that terrorists should be tried in civilian courts and treated like criminals.  He wants to take jurisdiction from the inquisitional system of military tribunals which are designed specifically to try enemy combatants for war crimes, whether they are fighting in uniform or as guerillas.

As much as he chided President Bush for his use of executive powers, Barack Obama has enjoyed the authority and used the prerogative not to benefit the nation but for his own personal gain, enhancing his standing within a small body of elite.  Now that there is an adversarial majority in the House of Representatives with whom he must contend, he will undoubtedly bypass the legislative branch more frequently than has happened in his first two years of office.  His appointees then regulate industries and commerce in ways that would never make it through the legislative process.  The regulation will effectively render congress obsolete unless proposed legislation conforms to his personal goals.  (See FCC and EPA for regulatory over-control and agenda satisfaction.)

The Democratic Republic of the United States of America is being dissolved and the replacement looks to be a nation governed by anarchists following a dictatorial head.  There will soon be no borders, language or culture or laws associated with America, and those are the required components of a nation or even any high functioning collective body.

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