With the recent tragic shooting in Tucson, the Democrat party is doing their best to lay blame on every thing and everyone other than the crazed shooter.  Republicans, right-wing zealots on the radio, FOXNews and all known commentators and conservative guests are among the perpetrators according to the liberal news outlets and elected progressives.

It has been reported that the shooter, Jared Loughner, was removed from a classroom for being disruptively ‘scary’.  His actions, words, YouTube videos and other communications as well as the books in his possession all indicate a personality that was other than normal.  He didn’t indicate any propensity to follow talk radio or MSNBC.  Thus far, there has been no reporting of any directly racist, bigot or strongly political views.

In short, it was not violent video games or intemperate political rhetoric or an extremely religious upbringing or the nine millimeter handgun he possessed that killed six people and wounded thirteen others.  It was the psychologically challenged brain of an unrestrained 22-year-old that disrupted the lives of others.

In spite of what we know inherently and reasonably, there are fringe groups and law makers vying for the opportunity to take away more of the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution.  Anti-gun groups are pressing lawmakers for more and tighter laws restricting, and in some cases eliminating, the right of gun ownership among the citizens.  Others are loudly advocating that the freedom of speech be limited, controlled and countered by the voices acceptable to progressives.  Only one unsolicited, anonymous reporting of an individual by name is now sufficient to warrant extra caution of the named by TSA at airports and surveillance by the FBI.  Telephone conversations, movement patterns, internet searches, email and personal purchases are all subject to warrantless guardianship by government agencies.  Land based cameras and surveillance drones above mark our actions and facial expressions daily.

The claim for repressing, and in some cases reversing, our freedoms is that the government wants to keep us safe.  The true reason is control.  The more the governing bodies and their enforcement arms can restrict the population, the more they can control the masses.  There is no longer a real want to protect or enhance the availabilities and opportunities afforded to the pawns.  There is only will to make the king and queen more powerful with the help of the rooks and bishops who are readily discarded when they no longer adequately serve and protect the king.

I will grant that over the past 65 years, I have been spoiled.  I have been spoiled by certain rights and liberties written into this nation’s founding documents that people in other countries are denied.  Over the past thirty-five to forty years of which I’m aware, I have seen the erosion, dismantling and destruction of those rights and liberties.  Recently it has become obvious that any given situation can be twisted into a crisis or emergency to suit the needs of the elite.  The elite can then progressively answer the crisis with the solution of their choice.

In Rahm Emanuel’s own public words: “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste”.

My heart goes out to all the victims of unnecessary violence.  In spite of our obvious political differences, Gabrielle Giffords is a thoughtful and reasonable representative of the people and I wish her a speedy and complete recovery.

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