California’s newest Governor, Governor Jerry Brown, is making an excellent showing for his first month in office.  Congratulations, Governor!

Jerry Brown, this week, called for accountability and justification for 13,600 state owned vehicles in order to eliminate those which are polluting the environment with personal use.  He is seemingly willing to “dehorse” or eliminate a job perk for some state employees in order to bring the budget in line.

Also proposed is the collection of some 48,000 cell phones by June 1.  Many of the phones in state service are currently being carried and used by support personnel.  The recall of the non-critical phones is estimated to save the taxpayers of California in the neighborhood of $20,000,000 each year.

Bravo Jerry!  Maybe you can get it right the second time around.

One quick suggestion for raising revenue without projecting unnecessary expense on lawful citizens would be to cause patrol officers to begin writing tickets for those who meander into and out of my traffic lane while talking or texting.  I see between 10 and 50 offenders daily, and I’m only on the roads for less than an hour a day.  There are already laws on the books prohibiting such use.  It may mean hiring more enforcement officers, but the pay for any additional officers will surely be offset, it will make the roadways safer and raise revenue for the state by tens of millions.  Just a thought.


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