Regina Benjamin, U.S. Surgeon General, has put out a call to make everyone aware of the benefits of breastfeeding and to make breastfeeding easier for mothers.

( “Many mothers who attempt to breastfeed say several factors impede their efforts, such as a lack of support at home; absence of family members who have experience with breastfeeding; a lack of breastfeeding information from health care clinicians; a lack of time and privacy to breastfeed or express milk at the workplace; and an inability to connect with other breastfeeding mothers in their communities,” the news release said.

Benjamin, pointing to data from the federal Centers for Disease Control, said breastfeeding rates are “particularly low” among African-American women.

Why the sudden governmental push for breastfeeding?  Dr. Benjamin says breastfeeding protects babies from illness, including asthma; it may ward off obesity; and it may protect mothers from breast and ovarian cancers.

She is calling on employers, healthcare professionals and communities to support this nurturing activity by new mothers.

Houston, we have a problem!  Look for Dr. Benjamin to either retract her words or step down from her appointed position.  She is obviously going against the ideals and policies of her boss and his administration.  This is the first time in two years for anyone in Washington, D.C. to suggest parents or individuals have rights or responsibilities.  The common thought amongst the powers-that-be tends to indicate children must be taken from their ignorant parents as early as possible and put into education camps (government run day care then pre-school).  Until now, the federal government has welcomed participation and made it virtually impossible to avoid dependence on the whim, will and wishes of the elite.

Could Obama have finally recognized that too many people are already suckling on the government teats and that his presidency, and the nation, are going under faster than planned?


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