Again, along a known drug and human smuggling path in Arizona, a Border Patrol agent found a book commemorating the exploits of suicide bombers.  “In Memory of Our Martyrs”, published in Iran, outlines the lives and deaths of those who have given their all to killing innocent infidels in the name of Islam.  This is most assuredly not the first time such material has been found along our Southern border.  In fact, it happens quite frequently.

This doesn’t sound like the type of reading material normally carried by someone who only wants to better their lives and those of their family by “doing the work Americans won’t do”.  Apparently, the Department of Homeland Security thinks differently and is unwilling to stop the flow of unauthorized entrants.  They have proven so by figuratively tying the hands of our men in green, the troops on the ground, by restricting their ability to detain and deport known illegals.

The child or children of new arrivals, or undocumented workers, or if you must, illegal immigrants, are also entitled to an education so they will remain here and share their productivity with America.  This is apparently the immigration reform we’ve been hearing so much about.


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