Articles in the Jerusalem Post and the Telegraph point to much earlier U.S. involvement in the current uprising in Egypt than was previously known.  Both articles indicate that back in 2008, the United States (yes, under the final days of George W. Bush) financed a trip to New York for a young Egyptian dissident, a pro-democracy activist, to attend a “Youth Movements Summit” in New York.  These articles are seemingly supported in a cable released by Wikileaks which can be found here:

It seems curiously odd to me that the conference took place on Dec. 3-5, 2008 (between the elections and the inauguration of our current president), and that the time frame for violent revolution was scheduled for 2011.  Initially, the proposed scheduling for action that had been set for “prior to the 2011 elections” was considered unrealistic but not to be completely discounted.  Today we see the Muslim Brotherhood and many socialist associations participating in the overthrow of President Hosni Mubarak.

It is suggested that President Obama, in talks with President Mubarak, encouraged the Egyptian head to take firm and decisive action.  At the same time, the Washington elite were, and are still, supporting his adversaries.  It’s much like the schoolyard fight where the kids standing around are yelling “Hit him, Joe, hit him”, and “Knock him out, Jason, he deserves it!”  Yelling both, repeatedly, at the same time is sure to excite the direct participants as well as the crowd watching.  This double handed support undoubtedly exacerbated an already explosive situation.

One result of the unrest in Egypt is that the price of oil is already rising and future pricing for crude is projected to continue upward for quite a while due to the closing of the Suez canal.  A second result might be the demonstration of how easily the Internet can be controlled and blocked by an overpowering government.  Can you use power hungry government and FCC in the same sentence?

Installing a peaceful democratic leadership in Egypt would, of course, be an  ideal situation for the global good most might think.  However, a theocracy; an Islamic Republic would suit the needs of others, perhaps including our own president.

I certainly doubt that Obama is a prophet.  He’s most definitely not in the league of Nostradamus, but his own words are beginning to show clarity.  The engines are ignited on our energy and food costs.  As the poor are now poorer and the once middle class are now poor the staples of life as we’ve known it are continuing to skyrocket.

George Pepppard, as Hannibal Smith of the “A” Team, had a signature line announced once per program.  At the end of every mission he would say, “I love it when a plan comes together”.

Are we there yet?  How much longer until we get there?  Has anyone noticed that Barack is smiling more in the past two weeks than he has since the health care subjugation of the American people?


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  1. kyle Says:

    as if!


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