Do as I say, not as I do!

Michelle Obama is making it harder and harder to enjoy an occasional yummy munchable at the local restaurant or fast food establishment.  Yet, she, her husband and guests are welcome to consume meals, rich to excessive, with cholesterol, fats, salt and starches.

We’ve all seen pictures of the president scarfing a Big Mac or giant juicy burger from a local independent entrepreneur.  We’ve heard of the White House Wednesday night concerts replete with sugary and fattening snacks and the lavish pizza dinners prepared by pizza chefs imported for the evening from distant cities.

The fare for the White House Super Bowl party reportedly included specialty lagers and ales brought in from around the country to wash down the Buffalo wings, pizza, cheeseburgers, bratwurst, kielbasa and grease laden chips and dips.

There is an extreme inconsistency between the lifestyle of the American President and family and the restrictions they impose on we commoners.  They are widening gap between the elite and those they are supposed to serve.


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