Only three days into his new job and Jay Carney is already avoiding questions and continuing to spread the deeply piled crap propaganda.

White House press secretary Jay Carney claims that the Recovery Act added several million jobs and lowered the unemployment rate. He stated that the “goals” of the stimulus package “have been met.” He offered no identification or explanation of what the “goals” were.  We can only surmise that at least one of the goals was to burn a boat load of money and let the American public sweep up the ashes.

When asked why the unemployment rate remains north of 9% Carney retorted, “We’ve said repeatedly that we don’t want to relitigate the battles of the past,” Carney told a reporter.

How can you relitigate a matter that has never even been discussed?  This may be his first faux pas because litigation is a judicial process.  There has never been a courtroom discussion of unemployment rates.

It may also be a diversion to keep the ignorant masses confused and purposefully misinformed.  Every time the question about unemployment numbers has been posed, the questioner is shut down with a statement ‘like the rate would be much higher without the stimulus’ or ‘this administration has saved or created 8 bazillion jobs’.

Stay abreast of his press briefings.  This guy could make Gibbs look like a straight talker by being more evasive than Obama Osama Bin Laden


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