Just how long will it take before normal people of America recognize and act, legally, ethically and morally against the insanity being brought upon us (them) in the name of Political Correctness?

According to a recent news report, the Dayton, Ohio Police Department is lowering its standards for recruits.  Why?  Because according to the Department of Justice there were not enough blacks passing the already watered down standards, thus the ratio of blacks to others on the force is not consistent with the population of the area.

Until now, the City of Dayton had standards which had to be met in order to draw a salary to serve and protect that did not include skin, hair or eye color.  Now, due to political correctness and nothing more, those standards have been thrown out the window and virtually anybody of color can qualify, whether they are qualified or not.  What can they possibly be thinking?

Even with stricter standards to meet, many police departments still experience the occasional rogue officer, just as society in general sees good people turn bad.  There is the officer who uses his/her weapon to kill a spouse or lover; the officer who stalks a spouse or lover using department issued tracking devices; the officer who engages gang members just to eliminate an individual member; the officer who drives drunk.  They exist despite stringent screening and testing.

Any of these people could be normal citizens, however, we choose to think of them as having the education, physical stamina and endurance and psychological health that eliminates a majority of offenders from the ranks of badge carrying, armed protectors.  We expect a higher standard.  That is about to change for Dayton.

The previous requirements included candidates receiving a 66% on part one of the exam and a 72% on a second segment.  They were only asking for permission to restrict the issuance of guns, night sticks, mace etc. to people who could not only hold and direct them, but had sufficient intelligence to know when to do so.  Today, candidates need only to score 58% and 63% respectively.  And, even then exceptions will be made to include minorities if ethnic or racial quotas are not met.

In 2006, Portland, Oregon instituted a program that showed the potential of eliminating many non-Hispanics from fire fighting teams.  Copying an edict by the Department of Forestry four years earlier, the city mandated that all leaders (squad leaders, supervisors, and other superior ranking personnel overseers) must be able to speak Spanish because many of the firefighters could not read or understand English.

That move is still being closely monitored for safety concerns.  Some, otherwise well qualified and capable, non-English speaking, team members cannot read warning and caution signs or obey orders given in English, thus potentially jeopardizing the life and safety of them and fellow crew members.  Each order of caution or direction must now be given in both English and Spanish.  The time taken to inform the second group could mean injury or lives lost.

Well trained, experienced and outstanding leaders have lost their jobs or have been demoted for not meeting the new “dual-language” demands.  Fire fighting crew members, however, are not held to the same standard.

Primary school teachers were asked in the 70s to lower the standards of grading because the percentage of minorities with passing grades was disproportionately low compared to the general population attending the same schools.  Though all students received the same instruction and materials, minorities claimed the testing was culturally biased.  The change was to make minority children “feel better” by raising their self esteem.  The result of the lower math and English scores requirement was only a slightly higher passing percentage.  Knowledge acquisition went down though scores rose.

During the time frame from 1970 to 2000, the average nationwide spending per student in primary and secondary schools virtually doubled (98.5% increase) while SAT scores dropped 30 points for verbal skills and rose only 2 percentage points for math applications. Students were barely able to meet the lowered criterion, even though teachers were teaching students how to beat the standardized test in 2000.  Catering to the few at the expense of the many has not benefited either group.

Government interference (political correctness and over-regulation) is driving the nation toward third world status.  We are being led by minorities, (be they ethnic, gender, religious minorities) for the betterment of minorities and not for the nation or American ethic.  We are no longer seeking the benefit of a nation as a whole.  We are no longer the self sufficient, sovereign, intra-dependent and superior nation that was once respected and revered by the nations of the world.  We are rapidly melding into a homogenous second world nation on our way to third world status.  Most of the second and third world nations into which we are blending are ruled by dictators, oligarchies, socialists, Communists, Marxists or questionably sane tyrants.   This change is not in the best interest of a once great nation.


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