The entire globe has taken on a Bizarro climate in the past decade or perhaps two.  The United States of America, once considered the eminence of reason and sanity, is leading the other nations of the world into a double counter-swirling abyss.

Liberals decried George W. Bush for his lack of ability to coalesce our allies and enemies into one united commune.  He was able to appease most of the planet’s moderates without upsetting many of the radicals but that was not enough.  That exception being those followers of a particular religion believing that killing all infidels will bring world peace.

Obama, with one of the loudest voices against the big W on the other hand, since taking command of the White House has alienated almost all of our allies, irritated most of our enemies and embarrassed our nation to both entities.  He has taken the nation to the brink of  bankruptcy (perhaps over) and extended two costly wars without expounding the end-game he so adamantly admonished Bush for avoiding.  As recently as last week, he offered major U.S. military and monetary involvement in a third violent engagement with no defined timeline or acceptable outcome.

Again, we have taken to policing nations that some perceive to be less capable of securing their own safety or lack the proper governing structure to remain viable.  Again, regardless of the outcome, the United States is destined for regard with increased contempt for our imperialist ways.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, our open borders are welcoming the same conditions against which we are supposedly protecting others.  “Third Worlders” are invading and occupying our nation.  Judges in Michigan and Florida are agreeing to accept Sharia to govern the outcomes of certain civil and criminal cases involving Muslims.  The founding of this nation, with due reverence to God, guaranteed people governance free of tyranny or religious influence.  We have survived for 235 years with a majority of people experiencing greater freedoms and opportunity for prosperity than most of the world.  Now, we are succumbing to religious law, and not even that of our Judeo-Christian heritage.

There will be nobody to help us when they, the Third Worlders, decide with finality to take over the country.  It will not be a democratic take-over, it will be violent and merciless.  We have lost respect of the world.  We can no longer support those nations that look down on us as imperialists for doing so and they will show that disrespect with vehemence.

Even France and England have heard the music.  Both now recognize that Socialism is not self-sustaining and that multiculturalism is a death knell to sovereignty.  The U.S. government, however, is willing and wanting to give both a try for our country.

It’s Bizarro infinite.


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2 Responses to “BIZARRO INFINITE”

  1. Leighann Rosas Says:

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