BIZARRO JUSTICE – At a town hall event sponsored by the Spanish-language television network Univision at a Washington, D.C., school. a student, appearing via Skype, asked: “My question for the president is, why [is the government] saying that deportations have stopped — or the detention of many students like me, why is it that we are still receiving deportation letters like this one?”

Obama answered, “We have redesigned our enforcement practices under the law to make sure that we’re focusing primarily on criminals, and so our deportation of criminals is up about 70 percent.  Our deportation of non-criminals is down, and that’s because we want to focus our resources on those folks who are destructive to the community.

I guess, to extend the illogical injustice just a bit further, the first murder, rape or armed robbery committed will henceforth be excused and will not count toward a criminal’s Three Strikes.

Mr. Obama, are we a nation of laws or not?  To break one of those laws because you want to succeed does not excuse the fact that a law, be it a misdemeanor (border jumping), has been disregarded.  How about if I just don’t pay my income tax this year because I want to insure my continued success.  Would that be forgivable by your IRS?  If I speed through a school zone, causing kids to scramble for their lives, because I want to get ahead of traffic, is that okay in your book?  How many offenses does a criminal have to commit before it is considered unacceptable in your Global Utopian society?  How long can we afford to nurture the peoples of the world on borrowed money?


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