Anyone who does not recognize that the past decade or two have been controlled by Bizarro incarnate has either been living on Htrae and believes this is normal or has simply been ingesting too many pharmaceuticals.

Officials elected to represent us refuse to listen to our wants, wishes and needs.  “We, the People” have entrusted sentinels to preserve the Declaration of Independence, its attached Bill of Rights and successive amendments who arrive in Washington D.C. with fresh Marks-A-Lots to redact the documents.  They are figuratively defacing the 335 year old parchments like NEA members in receipt of a sizable federal grant.

America’s heading today is in the direction of yesteryear’s France and Britain.  Those countries are, by contrast, now retreating from socialism; a fiscal and social system found to be unsustainable.  Socialism causes and aggravates unrest among a population as appeasement becomes more demanding and addictive and less supportable.

The government is sharing our tax dollars with banks and industries deemed “too big to fail” instead of allowing them to collapse and re-start under a more realistic business model.  Our “leaders” have enabled continued irresponsible behavior of corporations by propping them with cash flow and disguisedly regulating their fecklessness.  The governing elite ignored their own rules, regulations and laws regarding the monopolistic practices that allowed these corporate giants inordinate growth.

On the other end of the financial spectrum, the government has created a sub-society of dependence via Welfare.  We now have up to 6 generations who have not felt the need to work or support their personal survival because acceptance of handouts has created an unrefrained complacency.  They have been told for long enough that they are not capable or worthy of attaining more.  The government must therefore be their keeper.  The concept spoken so frequently and over so many years is now truth to all but a few.

Unfortunately, this attitude is bleeding into other class structures with capable children living off their parents’ income and retirement savings well into their mid thirties and beyond.  It’s not ideal for them, but it beats working to support independence.  Like the government, Mom and Dad can never turn a blind eye to the perceived child in need.  Who will the next generation depend on if today’s parents are themselves dependent on others?

Be it by force, deception or simple encouragement, our governing elite are creating a society of needy and dependent citizens, controlled by manipulating the resources at hand.  The carrot and stick will become more and more stick and little to no carrot.

Barack is running for office again when he should be running from the country.  His promises will play well with the stupid, the lazy and the needy (this may be redundant in many cases, but not all).  Others will recognize that his eloquent words and misrepresented actions often contradict one another as if in adversarial dispute.  He is commanding a force that is forcing compliance.  Are you ready for a life of consummate subservience?

Are you ready to be fed in the fields and herded from one to another.  Will you accept being nurtured until you’ve grown the wool that will be forcefully taken from you to make clothing for the shepherds?  After all, the wool does not belong to you.  It belongs to everybody.

Pay attention, hear the words, research past actions and vote wisely.


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