Last week Republicans showed weakness in the chamber.  They “compromised away their core values to keep the government from closing.  They were afraid the progressives might call them bad names.  Would a government shutdown really be a bad thing?  Noted: Welfare checks, pay checks for “non-essential government employees” (92.7% redundancy is duly recognized) would not be paid if it were to happen.  We would all get by just the same.  All military and law enforcement personnel are essential employees and continue to receive their over-earned and under-paid income.

Home foreclosures would not occur at any faster rate and credit card companies would not cancel credit any more rapidly.

Some areas that can definitely withstand some major financial aid adjustment might be Amtrak, the USPS, NPR, PBS, Planned Parenthood and other entities that are either so bloated with bureaucracy or have so little true value to offer that they cannot survive on their own.  The National Education Association is a superfluous bureaucracy created to oversee the overseers of those who oversee the overseen; it has nothing to do with the education of our youth.  The other NEA, the National Endowment for the Arts also falls within the scope of those whose value cannot justify their existence.  Assistance with start-up of entities with potential should remain available, but discontinued after three years.

Those are very few of the many areas in which the working few are carrying the burden of the unnecessary.  I will grant that discontinuing funding to the hundreds of thousands of Congressional Created Pork Projects would still hold the rough equivalent of expecting to make your car payment from the change you find in your local 7-11 parking lot.  It would be a start, but in no way, the complete answer.

We continue to pay farmers not to grow certain crops because it would lower the price of those crops up on the world market.  We subsidize oil companies making billions of dollars in profit annually with billions of taxpayer dollars to keep them from extracting the natural resources that would make everything from gasoline to toys and circuit boards more affordable.

Health and welfare support for illegal aliens should speak for itself.  We give foreign aide in the hundreds of billions of dollars to oppressive oligarchy headed governments around the world so that they can make life better for their citizens.  We then grant special favors, privileges, subsistence payments and medical advantages to the escapees form those societies.  Adjusting our foreign aide policies to disrespectful countries that consider America and Americans arrogant for needlessly slinging dollars around the world could save us untold trillions of deficit dollars. Not enabling the unlawful behavior of the illegal aliens with subsidies would both reduce the number of lawbreakers and allow some states the opportunity to meet obligations.

The crumbling of the Republicans only adds fuel to the fire of the progressives attempting to collapse the American systems.  From $100 billion promised savings to $61 billion compromised and down to $38.5 finalized, the party of SPEND managed to defeat the American public once again.  Conservatives have again caved from fear of being called bad names by liberal progressives.


Chapter 11 bankruptcy law gives troubled companies and corporations the opportunity to take a step back, regroup, reorganize.  It allows a respite from the daily pressures and gives the leaders an opportunity to objectively review and change policies, procedures and renew controls to assure viability and longevity.  Corporations under Chapter 11 evaluate what is necessary and essential and what is fluff and foo-foo.  An objective arbiter or team of business professionals, generally appointed by the court system, sometimes set up pro-rated payments to those creditors without whose assistance the business would collapse.  The arbiter may also skeletonize the workforce for efficiency.  Chapter 11 is an opportunity to fine tune a business to meet the needs of its customers, share-holders and creditors until full profitability is restored.

It is now time to declare Chapter 11 for the federal government.  The reorganization contingency might also be considered for almost every city, county, and each individual state in need.  Not only is it time for fiscal reorganization, it is time to review and eliminate many of the redundant laws and regulations that are burdening our courts.  It is time to enforce those remaining in such a way that enforcement produces revenue and not deplete it.

Continuing to raise the debt ceiling without controlling spending will cause total collapse of the financial system and the nation.  It’s what the progressives are shooting for and we need someone with vertebral strength to recognize and prevent it from happening.

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