Walter Williams offered an excellent piece on his blog yesterday morning.  Read it here: Referencing Bill Whittle’s statistics on his RealClearPolitics video “Eat the Rich” from a couple of weeks ago, it deals with the fact that no matter how much the elite steal from the rich, they will not be able to satisfy their hunger for spending.

No matter how much they’d like to, the government just can’t keep up with those wanting to avoid taxes.  Just ask “Share the Wealth” John Kerry who managed to pocket $507,500 by simply registering his new seven million dollar dinghy in Rhode Island rather than sharing the revenue with his own cash-strapped home state of Massachusetts.  The move will also save him approximately $70,000 annually in excise taxes.  A smart move when you can afford to have a yacht built with your over-flow cash and expect the less-than-rich to pick up the tab for your constituents’ entitlements.

Wouldn’t it be nice to overspend your income then go next door to your neighbor and say, “Hey listen Al, I need access to your bank account, I just can’t live within my means”?  That’s what the federal government is doing.  They are spending what they want with no thought of paying for their spending by any means other than tapping the accounts of others who have little say on the spending.

If a family runs out of money, they don’t generally continue to spend at an ever increasing rate, borrowing from extended family or friends or neighbors.  That is unless you’re a close relative of Joe “You’re telling me we have to go spend money to keep from going bankrupt?  The answer is yes, that’s what I’m telling you”, Biden.

In order to maintain, most families would cut back; ask the kids to share some of the responsibility and perhaps empty the dishwasher, vacuum the carpets, wash the windows, mow the lawn and perhaps even wash the family vehicle.  Yes, it would mean that the gardener and house cleaner would have to seek their livelihood elsewhere. In a matter of ‘some survive or all fail’, the family should prevail.  It might also help the kids alter their valuation of such assets.  They just might appreciate and gain respect for those perceived to be of lesser stature and the services they provide.

Talk again looms about a government shutdown.  With such talks, there is always mention of furloughing all non-essential personnel in order to relax the strains on the budget.  Why are there still non-essential personnel to furlough?  Shouldn’t the government function like a productive and efficient private company or the family cited above?  Are we going to continue paying the taxes that liberals like Sen. Kerry refuse to pay.

Tomorrow is April 15.  It may be the last chance for most of us to afford the taxes our representatives want to extract from our accounts.  Next year taxes, like your energy costs, could skyrocket.

Smile and remember that the only reason life costs more now is that you make over $250,000 per year.  Congratulations!


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