It has been said so many times that it echoes resoundingly even when there’s no one in the forest.  Nobody in the current administration has a clue about economics.  Put another way, this President and his entire advisory cabinet have less collective private sector business experience than an 8 year old newspaper boy.  OPM is so much fun to play with that the kids in D.C. simply cannot leave their inept hands off of it.

Today we hear that the federal government wants to get out of the auto industry that they were so sure could be turned around with a giant influx of taxpayer capital if overseen by an Obamite.  Yep, they’re going to sell off the GM stock that you and I bought.  The problem is that they are willing to part with our shares for about fifty-five cents on the dollar.  They may even take less.  Once the word is out that the government is dumping, the stock price surely will not skyrocket like our energy prices.  Buy high, sell low.  Make up the difference with volume.  That’s the government way.  They’re doing with GM what they’ve done with America…dumping it!

Here is a video produced by Government Gone Wild.  It’s just over 3 minutes long and guaranteed to get and keep your attention – liberal Democrat or conservative Republican.

Remember, we can make some wiser choices next year if there are still free and open elections.  I hope you will.

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